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  1. Get a deeper understanding of what 'PROPORTION" really means and how you can use it to sketch any and all body types accurately.

  2. Break old habits and "try on" fresh approaches to drawing and art that revitalize and expand your abilities!
  3. Get inspired and kick-start your creative flow
  4. Learn what "NEGATIVE SHAPE" is, and use it to gain creative control!
  5. A sneak peek at the traditional approach to "BUILDING A BODY" for fashion designers. (no distorted proportions, though! That is a thing of the past for TRIBALISTAS!)
  6. Give and get feedback with other course members, including me!

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You can learn fashion design online, on your schedule

Laura Volpintesta, Founder, Teacher, Fashion Illustraiton TRIBEHi, I’m Laura Volpintesta, and I’m so excited to welcome you to FashionIllustrationTRIBE!

Do you want to learn fashion illustration techniques for fashion design?

I can help you.  I KNOW how to bring out the magic in you.

I’ve been teaching at Parsons in NYC for 18 years (I’m a 1995 BFA grad)

You’ll be amazed how the exercises and projects in my SOULFUL FASHION FOUNDATION IMMERSION program build intentionally to bring you from beginner to experienced 

model drawing, garment detail drawing, color illustration, texture and print/pattern rendering, inspiration boards and portfolio techniques for creating fashion art and design!

fashion school online

Now is YOUR time.


CUSTOMIZE the figure, the colors, the textures, the shapes


the new ERA of fashion and design will come from OUR voices


tapping into the arts and creative spirit is YOUR birthright

Learn Fashion Art, Design, Sketching, and Illustration

Videos.   Art Supplies, papers.

Model drawing exercises and techniques.(click for samples)

Design Sketching,  Watercolors……(click for samples) Proportions

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques……the designer’s process

Technical drawing

Creative Illustration (click for samples)

fashion school online

and if you already love fashion, if you’ve already read this far,

YOU’VE GOT everything you need to be able to achieve your dream


I know you can. I’ve been here…………….with a thousand students, (over 20 years teaching Fashion  at Parsons in NYC………..)

each with a unique voice

Learn in an environment that nurtures your unique voice for the new era

which is all about authenticity and message.  Not about conforming to an outside machine, but bringing your story and your truth to the table.

Fashion School Online

Studying online means you play the videos as many times as you want or need.  It means you can always ask a question.

You can pause when life is hectic, you can take your time on a difficult section, or move ahead when you’re cruising through the material.

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4 thoughts on “Learn Fashion Design Online

  1. oops I forgot to answer that the course is $2000. It has a base 12 weeks of an hour of videos per week, plus exercises, projects, and lessons that build to build your skills, freedom of creativity, and knowledge! the art supply kit is under $200. There are lots of bonus lessons and videos, and continuing community too… and you keep your access forever, so you can revisit and replay your course materials again and again as you continue your development. There is also a Portfolio development course in the works.

  2. Dear Jennifer, hello!
    I’ve been meaning to message you back (email), but I still haven’t found a way to work the payment plan efficiently! When you are ready, you can just email me and start up. Payment plans will be available one day but are not at this time. However, I can flexibly add you into the course when you are ready (just you) though in general I will open and close the doors to the course registration from time to time… since we are still small I can be flexible and sign you in when you are ready. Thank you so much for your interest and please let me know if you have any questions at all, or suggestions. I hope you’ll join us in the Facebook group to get started! it’s called Fashion Tribalistas…just click “join” and I’ll put you in!

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