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xo,  Laura Volpintesta, founder, FashionIllustrationTRIBE

Laura Volpintesta of Fashion Illustration Tribe

Welcome! FITribe is for everyone who is passionate about forward, conscious fashion.

Check out my blog for free resources, articles, and techniques!

12 Week Soulful Design and Illustration Immersion Semester

is for those who are ready to commit to a program of fashion design and illustration study at one of two level options:

1 year access Coaching and community TRIBE: 12 week Soulful Fashion Immersion– scheduled course with weekly modules each Friday, weekly online feedback for your projects and questions, including three 30 minute Skype calls scheduled with me, a core peer feedback and network group, and Certificate of Completion upon final review assignments by Laura Volpintesta. Coaching is limited to 12 students.

6 month access Independent study TRIBE: 12 week Soulful Fashion Immersion–log in and access your modules, complete your assignments with feedback from Laura Volpintesta.  You can submit your finished coursework portfolio to review for Fashion Illustration TRIBE certification.  You can register at any time, and the weekly modules are posted each Friday.


with Laura Volpintesta, author , The Language of Fashion Design, and Parsons alum and Fashion Faculty since 1997.  (BFA 1995).

The Language of Fashion Design by Laura VolpintestaLaura Volpintesta fashion illustration tribe.com pin tucks creative fashion illustration in gouache

Laura Volpintesta fashion illustration Runway sketching: pencil on textured paper

 ‘To find a teacher in the arts who offers up everything they know and more, and whose sole purpose is to see you ‘fly’… is extremely rare.  Laura is one of those teachers.  She set us up for success in so many ways.  Generosity, creativity, and encouragement — plus a solid foundation in basic art — were all part of her teaching.  I created some of my best work in her Fashion Drawing I class and still rely on many of the techniques.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have been her student.’-J. Heloise, Fashion designer, Illustrator

 12 weeks! My online coaching course takes you deep into the skills, in your own home. INCLUDING 3 private Skype sessions and weekly feedback for any questions or work submitted.

At each level, receive  an hour of video demonstrations per week, plus downloads, materials, lectures, and discussion forums!

The new session registration is here for coaching or here for the online course.

Illustration by Laura Volpintesta of a dress by Kaela Kay by Catherine Addai-Boadu , presenting in AFWNY (African Fashion Week New York)

 Be on your way to learn fashion design online: sketching faces, models and bodies, clothing silhouettes and garment details, designing themed collections illustrated in full-on color and texture, with a Fashion Illustration TRIBE level one Soulful Fashion Immersion Semester certificate upon completion of all of the assignment modules.

The group coaching accommodates 12 students and along with videos, lectures and projects gives you weekly feedback from me at each step of  the way to guide your course at your pace, 3 30 minute Skype calls, feedback from the peer group, certificate upon completion of all projects, and lifetime community membership.

Your designer art supply kit ensures your best results,  is strongly recommended  and runs $145- 200USD (the more expensive price is for international shipping) You can review the link to the shopping cart to print or purchase before purchasing on the registration page for coaching or online course.

Here you can meet me, learn my history and my program philosophy:

In Online Soulful Fashion Immersion YOU WILL:

  •  Learn fashion design, sketching and illustration techniques online!
  • Engage in innovative exercises to master drawing and painting fashion garments and figures.
  • Gain the confidence to customize and create your original fashion figure, croquis, and illustrations for any body type that you choose.
  • Tap into your inner muse to create images that grab attention and carry meaning.
  • Sharpen your ability to see and draw the design details in garments .
  • Design  your own fashion collections.
  • Research fashion mood boards that excite and spark conversation and interest.
  • Share ideas and perspectives in a vital, vibrant design community (join the tribe)
  • Get feedback on your weekly assignments from myself and peers (or not, but I do recommend this valuable component!)
  • Save time and money on  commuting and student loans while FOCUSING ON YOUR DREAMS AND SKILLS in an encouraging environment that respects the demands of your lifestyle.
**(And if you aren’t looking for course information, click here to come over to the blog for my articles, videos, and resources about fashion design, illustration, and more)** SIGN UP FOR EMAIL UPDATES so you don’t miss any goodness!!
Your tuition give you  access to the course, videos, the community,  and guidance from me.  Your completion gives you your certificate and the fruits of your labor: your designs.

“– I genuinely cannot say enough about how important your classes were to me and how much I loved them:).  In my time as Fashion Studies student at Parsons I must say Laura’s class was my favorite! Her class is where I truly learned the most about fashion drawing. I gained an understanding and awareness of proportion and how the human form reacts to movement. I was a student at Parsons at least five years ago, but the skills I learned in Laura’s class have stayed with me. More importantly, though, is how much fun her classes were, and how inspiring Laura is as a teacher! She encouraged us as students to not be afraid of color, shape and movement in our work! And this is what made everyone strive to create something unique and beautiful! Laura is a gem! A beautiful person inside and out, and one of the best teachers I have ever had, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her!”- Beth Gillespie, Designer

The moment is yours, SET YOUR JOURNEY in MOTION

Suit by Alexandre Herchcovitch SS07 Illustrated by Laura Volpintesta Fashion Illustration Tribe 2013

Quick rendered croquis from magazine tears in gouache and pencils, Laura Volpintesta

My team is small and intimate. My online fashion courses are created FOR you and your development of skill, style, and point of view.

You CAN create your portfolio and learn fashion design ONLINE!

Please email me if you have any questions:  info@fashionillustrationtribe.com


FAQs: (click here for your answers)

You can reserve your spot for coaching or start your independent study right away.


Laura, your class really inspired me to do all I’m doing. Up to date it was my most valuable class.  I’m so glad to reconnect with you as you inspire me so much! I still reference all my drawings from your class!! Lol, I’m even thinking of signing up for your new classes myself…S.S., fashion designer

“I have nothing but good things to say about your portfolio class. You helped me in many ways but one of the most valuable holes you filled for me was on how to organize my thoughts when sketching. Its difficult to harness the muse in any kind of orderly way but your method has served me well. Both in that I came out of Parson’s with a strong portfolio that is single handedly responsible for landing me interviews …but has also cinched the position at two different design firms now… Your drawing and the Portfolio are some of the most valuable things I got from Parsons as a whole. So thanks a bunch. You revved up my engine and Im still travelling on that momentum”- Lauren Jones, Fashion Designer

“The videos are so helpful!…And, I was just thinking how lucky I am to be gleaning all of these insights with kids asleep in bed from the comfort of my home”- M.D, Canada

“Teaching isn’t just skill….Laura, your personality makes me feel like I can do anything. I’ve never done this before, and I’ve amazed myself!”-T.R., Australia

“As an advocate for women, and sustainable and ethical design practices, I PLEDGE I won’t be teaching or encouraging outrageous, unrealistic proportions for fashion design.  When you have REAL SKILLS for sophisticated detail and drawing beyond the most superficial techniques, you don’t need to rely on body distortion to make beautiful, exciting, breathtaking fashion art”-Laura Volpintesta, FashionIllustrationTribe

Alexandre Herchovitch SS07  dress illustrated by Laura VolpintestaDress Illustraiton from Africa Fashion Week


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