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Enter the TRIBE Masterclass Series to get started Sketching Fashion- FOR BEGINNERS!!
  • Learn artist materials for fashion sketching and illustration, and use them!

  • Begin keeping a research file of inspiration and reference, discover new ones!

  • Kick-start your creative flow....  

  • Begin model drawing: learn to sketch a standing figure (BUILD A BODY), unposed, that is customizable proportionally for any client or body type

  • Introduce yourself, and meet like-minded fashionistas who love the expression of the human form, fabric, texture, color, craft.....
  • Share your results, ask questions, get and/ or give feedback, tell us about your journey.

  • Find out what your staring point is, and think about where you'd really like to go!

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Fashion Illustration TRIBE Masterclass Seriesbrings fashion design illustration study to YOU, on YOUR  schedule, supporting YOUR vision!

Fashion Sketching, Illustration, and Design Details, from BEGINNER LEVEL to PORTFOLIO.

step by step

(formerly called Soulful Fashion Foundation Immersion Semester)

Hi, I’m Laura Volpintesta, author of the Language of Fashion Design: 26 Principles Every Fashion Designer Should Know, Fashion Faculty at Parsons NYC, designer/ illustrator, speaker and motivator and I’m so excited to welcome you to Fashion Illustration TRIBE online fashion school.

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my book! the Language of fashion design, by Laura volpintesta

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Scroll down to view exactly what topics you’ll learn in my Fashion Masterclass Series.

You can sign up for the masterclasses one at a time as you pace yourself.

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Release your fears, get your skills, find your voice, follow your gut, design from the heart.

Share your message. 

Create and celebrate feminine beauty however you define that.  Learn to confidently sketch bodies, fashion silhouettes, fabric textures, colors, patterns,  and “tell stories” through the process and presentation of fashion and fashion art!

****VIew and print or order your supply kit right here ($150-200) for the best results.  

I’m here to help you at every corner as needed, to help you along the way.  See testimonials from former students.

I can help you.  I KNOW how to bring out the magic in you.





Boost is an optional module:

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Intermediate Level Steps:





Advanced-Intermediate Steps:





Advanced Steps:







and more portfolio classes and capsule workshops being developed ongoing!!

I was someone who always loved to “doodle” ( squiggles, loops, shapes)- it brought me peace and pleasure.  I never felt I could draw anything representational and rarely tried. I loved to look at pictures of dancers with all of their dramatic and subtle gestures and poses as a young girl, and as I got older I became totally absorbed into fashion magazines… at a time when diversity was celebrated and women’s bodies were expressed in a way that felt full of life.

Next stop: I set my sights on Parsons School of Design in NYC with the dream of becoming a fashion designer. I learned basic drawing and sewing first, then applied. I couldn’t believe I was going to be learning the tools to create this art form that incorporates music, movement, living humans, fabrics, textures, colors, and fills the media with its messages THAT COULD BE USED FOR GOOD and images THAT COULD PROMOTE LOVE, PEACE, BEAUTY. The masses responded strongly to the messages in the media- couldn’t these messages be used to build a better world?

WHOOSH!!: Parsons. First year. I started to go deep learning art, design, color, and model drawing.  My eyes and my soul were changed and I was finding I was able to perceive things in new ways and EXPRESS MYSELF in new ways (this is also the year I began studying and singing jazz). I loved the people all mixed up in the city, going here and there, bumping into each other.  It was one of the most transformative years of my life.

PAUSE:  I never quite “got over” how amazing the feeling was to take my “innocent ” eyes and hands, and begin to make and say things with them as well as hone what it was I wanted to say. To be guided to new ways of seeing, (literally!) and watching this journey unfold in my hands and on paper. I learned to use a variety of artists supplies in various ways and debunk myths about the process of creating art.  I BECAME MORE OF MYSELF. I GREW.

SKIP: 20 years later, I’ve been teaching fashion design, illustration, portfolio and model drawing to beginners-to-advanced students at Parsons School of Design since 1997.  I NEVER TIRE of this experience, because it always taps me in to that incredible transformation, that incredible, eye-opening year (okay, four years….) but that first step, that foundation, was such a real EDUCATION, such a deep experience that has touched my life every single day since. As an artist, as a designer, as a musican, as an entrpreneur, as a mother, as a friend,….. the experience of growing and learning tools to artistic expression ultimately led to self-discovery and realization in a way far beyond what I ever expected when I started out.


REWIND: Looking back, I see a drawback as well. The system that I learned in was a system that I see falling away. I no longer believe in competitive learning environments that direct you to conform to a strict system… I lost touch with my deeper message as I was processed through a fashion program, and went into the industry with a confidence in my talents but a dimiished sense of self.  Add motherhood to the mix and you start to see how the forms of the working world are still much shaped after a man’s realities, not a woman’s.  I believe in work that moves and flexes around our lifestyle because I know WE CAN DO ANYTHING and do our work when we are energized and refreshed and at our best.

FAST FORWARD: Everything I have experienced, for good and for bad, has led me to believe deeply, passionately in home-study, location independent study and work.  I’ve homeschooled my 3 kids.  My experiences have led me to believe that I wasn’t cut out for a “job”, but to DESIGN A LIFE. A business. That works around my schedule, my family.  I want to reach mothers, career-changers, people in remote areas… who have this love for fashion and this desire to go deep to realize their skills, “find themselves” through art and design, and express that beautiful message, to promote love, understanding, passion and beauty in the world.  I also am passionate about helping you have tools to get your message out there.


in this program, class by class, i’ll teach you the tools in a way that builds intentionally.  I’ve worked with SLEWS of beginners, don’t forget that, at Parsons, and have seen incredible results 98 percent of the time. SO i KNOW what you are capable of, and I can often recognize your voice and skill coming through long before you do!  The key is to trust the process and to do the exercises.

Watch the videos. On  your schedule. Watch them once or ten times. This course is here to meet YOUR needs!

Get inspired. Look around.  What do you see? What moves you?

Ask questions. Get answers.

Share your adventures, exercises, baby steps.

Ask for, get, and give feedback. YOu may also study as quietly as you like, but ineracting brings a whole other level to your progress and process and the feeling that you are having a “voice”, among a range of supportive and diverse voices in your design community!

YOu can upload photos , videos, or type questions in the class at every step.

In the coaching, we also use VOICETHREAD: In Voicethread, you can upload your sketches and your peer group (and I ) can TYPE, VIDEO_COMMENT (yes, really!) VOICE comment, and even use a pen tool to point and circle things while talking about their or your work in giving rich , creative feedback.

I find this extremely valuable because :

WHEN YOU CREATE YOUR WORK, you often CANNOT “SEE IT” any more. Group feedback points out how your work is being perceived: your peers see amazing things, strengths, and messages or themes in your work that you never would have noticed yourself! It also helps you see what is clear to you, but not coming across clear to others, so you can hone your message.  In most cases, you will find that your work is more appreciated for its strength by others than you appreciated it yourself ! This is a tremendous boost!

Also, discussing design and visual things, along with fashion, is a skill you want to become comfortable with.

You will even make some lifetime connections!

It is a safe, private, intimate space and no trolls are tolerated.  Inappropriate users are removed immediately.

I LOVE to give you control to sketch a range of body types and styles for YOU and your ideal clients’ needs, not unrealistic, distorted female bodies.

We’ll work as a group, one on one, or as independently as you want, you control how much you participate in the group but I highly recommend it as one of the strongest aspects of this online course.  I”ve developed this technique and style of teaching consciously over many years. 

I know you can do this, and i’ts my goal to see you THRIVE

Here’s to  bringing out the very best of you and your unique style and point of view.

Fashion NEEDS inspired voices like YOURS. 

DON’T LET THE COST STOP YOU IN YOUR TRACKS! There are some scholarships available throughout the year. SCHOLARSHIP DETAILS HERE.

Fashion isn’t just what you see in Vogue. That’s the last of it. Fashion is a basic human need as old as humankind. 

Fashion is an expression that we all have access too. Let’s take fashion back!

Please email me ANY questions at :


Laura Volpintesta


Check out my Pinterest Boards that we use in and out of class.

Author, the Language of Fashion Design, Rockport Publishers

Faculty, Parsons Fashion, since 1997, Patternmaking, Draping, Portfolio, Model Drawing, Design, Sewing

Founder, Mentor, since 2013


About Laura Volpintesta

I’ve been teaching Fashion at Parsons in NYC for 18 years (and I’m a 1995 BFA grad) and released the Language of Fashion Design on Rockport in 2013.

You’ll be amazed how the exercises and projects in my FashionIllustrationTRIBE MASTERCLASS SERIES  build your skill set intentionally to bring you from beginner to experienced!

The entire course program is available, but not all of the images are clickable yet as we are re-constructing the registration site.   It’s recommended to start with STEP ONE and work through chronologically anyway, but as you scroll down you can get a feel for the layout of the whole Masterclass Program!!

Model drawing exercises and techniques.(click for samples)

Design Sketching,  Watercolors……(click for samples) Proportions

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques……the designer’s process

Technical drawing

Creative Illustration (click for samples)

and if you already love fashion, if you’ve already read this far,

YOU’VE GOT everything you need to be able to achieve your dream


I know you can. I’ve been here…………….with a thousand students, (over my career  teaching Fashion  at Parsons in NYC………..)

each with a unique voice

Learn in an environment that nurtures your unique voice for the new era

which is all about authenticity and message.  Not about conforming to an outside machine, but bringing your story and your truth to the table.

Studying online means you play the videos as many times as you want or need.  It means you can always ask a question. You can come to class when your energy is focused and your mood is on :0).

You can pause when life is hectic, you can take your time on a difficult section, or move ahead when you’re cruising through the material.

Click here to Learn more.

Laura Volpintesta, Founder, Teacher, Fashion Illustraiton TRIBE

Testimonial Ev Bessar on Laura Volpintesta, FashionIllustrationtribe


Learn to draw standing models and bodies with consistency, flair, and confidence. THIS IS FUN and exciting.


4 thoughts on “Learn Fashion Design Online

  1. oops I forgot to answer that the course is $2000. It has a base 12 weeks of an hour of videos per week, plus exercises, projects, and lessons that build to build your skills, freedom of creativity, and knowledge! the art supply kit is under $200. There are lots of bonus lessons and videos, and continuing community too… and you keep your access forever, so you can revisit and replay your course materials again and again as you continue your development. There is also a Portfolio development course in the works.

  2. Dear Jennifer, hello!
    I’ve been meaning to message you back (email), but I still haven’t found a way to work the payment plan efficiently! When you are ready, you can just email me and start up. Payment plans will be available one day but are not at this time. However, I can flexibly add you into the course when you are ready (just you) though in general I will open and close the doors to the course registration from time to time… since we are still small I can be flexible and sign you in when you are ready. Thank you so much for your interest and please let me know if you have any questions at all, or suggestions. I hope you’ll join us in the Facebook group to get started! it’s called Fashion Tribalistas…just click “join” and I’ll put you in!

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