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with Laura Volpintesta: author, illustrator, designer, and creative instigator

Are you drawn to fashion illustration and design?

Laura Volpintesta Like me?

You LOVE ideas, colors, textures,people, styles, art, imagination…

….but you don’t “know how to draw” and want to go deeper…?

You know that  you can learn fashion illustration tools and techniques, explore and sketch your ideas out…

Whether for career skill or for the pure exhilaration of creating,

I want you to LOVE what you do, and get experience and confidence!

You can’t/ don’t want to stop your life, invest a gazillion dollars, and move to a major fashion program yet or ever.


Did you know can learn fashion illustration, with digital drawing tools or analog–paper, watercolors, and pencils–like in top fashion schools, right here, right now? With me?digital fashion drawing

I’ve been teaching Fashion Courses at Parsons School of Design in NYC for 20 years now.  I’ve had over a thousand budding designers and illustrators come through my rooms and learn from beginner to porftolio level fashion courses in model drawing, illustration, and design.

EACH of them has had a UNIQUE VOICE, and I would love to help you bring out yours.

African Print Fashion Illustration of a look by unknown designer illustrated by Laura volpintesta


Based on my “WHOAH!”  discoveries as a student and as a teacher, I’ve developed fashion courses for you because you can:

  • learn formal and informal sketch techniques
  • try new art supplies and tools
  • collect and create from inspiration
  • explore and discover your own unique style
  • learn standing, posed model drawing
  • render color and texture
  • sketch details, design collections

FREEDOM FASHION SEMESTER is a 16 week online course of self study

inspired by a full semester of the design courses I developed for top fashion schools.  It’s also a cozy community.
Fashion Illustration Tribe Freedom Fashion Summer Session 2016 learn fashion design online

  1. learn fashion illustration art supplies and tools
  2. quick idea sketching AND finished illustration techniques
  3. model drawing: posed, standing, expressive figures
  4. garment details like stitching and collars
  5. gouache watercolor technique and color mixing
  6. create textures and shapes, shadows and patterns
  7. research inspiration boards

“ABOUT FACE” Digital Drawing Course is a 4 week, 60 minute per week video course and community.

drawing apps- ONLINE COURSEAbout FACE Online course- digital drawing apps

Using iPad or Tablet, (iOs or Windows apps) in this course you will:

  1. learn to map out faces and heads proportionally
  2. draw features that feel three-dimensional
  3. create with grey-scale and full color
  4. explore Tayasui Sketches app– organic, natural-looking, textural art tools
  5. paint with Adobe Illustrator DRAW app– slick, clean,smooth tools
  6. find and express your voice as you create fashion illustration
  7. discover and gain confidence through experimentation

Online fashion schools offer amazing flexibility, community and reduced stress learning.  You can also study with me on Learn the A-B-Cs in a beautifully produced, Craftsy-studios course.

Learn to sketch basic bodice, skirt, jackets, classic shirt, and shift dress…. plus gathers, darts, ruffles, pockets, cuffs, collars and other design details so you can create your own design drawings! No figure drawing… just garment flats.

Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe

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BEGINNERS- Get into STEP ONE Fashion Masterclass right now!
  • Learn new art supplies and ways to use them

  • Learn to build a fashion figure sketch- this method is customizable for any body shape

    EXPRESS YOURSELF and try new skills!

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