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And this fashion site welcomes all ages, styles, sizes, and shapes.  Come as you are, beautiful one!

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xo,  Laura Volpintesta, founder, FashionIllustrationTRIBE

Laura Volpintesta of Fashion Illustration TribeDress Fashion Illustration of a design by Alexandre Herchcovitch, Brasil, by Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribefashionillustrationtribe laura volpintesta afw designer african fashion week runway illustration gouache

Start to Learn Fashion Design Online!

Illustration, Model Sketching and Technical Drawing, NOW….

Fashion needs some true inspired voices!

You are inspired, but you need the art skills, processes, orientation and practice to be up to speed with creative, expressive, and professional level design skills…

This is where you, wherever you are, whenever you are ;0), however you are, can come as you are and roll up your sleeves:

Grab your pencils, markers,  and watercolors, let’s get started!

Sign up for my free mini course to get a taste of my teaching and new ways of seeing and working on your fashion drawings.

When you sign up for my premium Soulful Fashion Immersion 14 week fashion semester.

The basic 12 week Level One semester costs $500, a $1200 value , this course includes all of the exercises and foundation that you need to be able to create a fashion portfolio and enjoy the creation of fashion and fashion art.  The coaching level gives much more one-on-one assistance, but I am happy to answer questions for students of both levels.

My techniques go deep and teach you art and design from the inside-out.

My singular goal is to bring out your unique, amazing perspective so you can share your voice and experience the pleasure of creating vibrant design to carry your messages.

You will get to know yourself through each weekly step!

Laura Volpintesta fashion illustration tribe.com pin tucks creative fashion illustration in gouache

I am so excited and help you bust through that “feeling stuck” part of you that is itching to get into a groove designing and illustrating figures, fabrics, flats, and fashion designs.

From fabric and inspiration boards, to technical drawings, model drawings, research and presentation techniques,

Fashion Illustration Tribe was born of my experience teaching fashion design for 15 years and counting, from beginner model drawing to portfolio, including draping , sewing, and pattern making, at Parsons.

I am so blessed to continue work with students from around the world, from total beginners to practicing fashion designers who never got to perfect their sketching skills.

The tone is encouraging. FUN,  freeing.  The subject is E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G. The journey goes deep and gives you rich skills that you will have and enjoy for a lifetime

.Laura Volpintesta fashion proportionLaura Volpintesta, Original Design, Quick Sketch

The course takes place in a platform where you’ll be able to share your results with others (if you’re comfortable with that, not required!) and have some conversations around that, too!

I look forward to the adventures we’ll have this year!Come along with the TRIBE!


With Lots of Love,


ps reminder: Blog articles link here.  Summer Soulful Fashion Semester 12 Week Intensive 2014 course info link here.  Full-service coaching (course plus Skype appointments) here.

cavalera 2014 SPFW lookbook pencil sketch by Laura VolpintestaQuick rendered croquis from magazine tears in gouache and pencils, Laura VolpintestaLaura Volpintesta, fashionilllustrationtribe, quick croquis rendered in gouache

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