12 Guided, deep, liberating exercises and projects to release your inner designer and build your skill set!

Soulful Fashion Foundation Immersion

12 weekly modules at your pace... you keep your access but can pause whenever you need. COACHING includes 2 30 minute Skype sessions with your tuition, along with weekly videos, resources, links, and projects that take you from beginner to actively sketching in full color illustrations: Gouache and pencils, on industry standard papers and supplies to have a creative and professional balance.  YOU CAN DO THIS, and I'm here to remind you of that every step along the way. I am running a VERY special price for a VERY limited time in Fall 2014,  you can check it out here.


And unlock my free model drawing video exercises to forge ahead!


FashionIllustrationTRIBE is an online fashion school for design and illustration development.

You can start learning RIGHT now what you need to sketch your fashion ideas!

model drawing- full color gouache illustrations- flat sketches- mood boards and research- fabric swatching- mixing paint to match colors- rendering textures and patterns- print design- shading- presentation- garment construction- finishes

Not an “institution”.  No commute. No student loans.

Inspiration, education, instruction, community, innovation.

Liberation! Communication. Creation.


Personal attention.

Work with me, a veteran fashion design and fashion professor/mentor who is enthusiastic, encouraging, and focused to see your unique point of view and guide you to bring it to the fore.

My students are designers, shop owners, mothers, college students, homeschoolers, jet-setters, up cyclers, sustainable designers, tailors, digital designers,  artists, … as I always say, DIVERSITY IS BEAUTY. This TRIBE is led by a common desire to form a community that supports, shares, and encourage and engages around the love of fashion, and a fashion that comes from love.

Tap into the joy of expression and celebration of fashion for women with a global, diverse approach that celebrates women and our lives, everywhere.

Let me know what you'd like to see covered in upcoming courses, articles and livestream events! Thanks!