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Get the tools to get you started!
Begin, Learn and Practice:
  • Learn how artists and designers use their supplies differently.  Learn to build a basic fashion figure sketch- this method is customizable for any body shape.  Get your free downloadable, printable PDF Fashion Sketch workbook and Fashion Croquis Template.

img_1752Laura Volpintesta

So, ready to begin studying fashion?

Well, you can begin studying fashion illustration and design now with a passionate author, illustrator, designer, encourager, and creative catalyst.  Me. I’ve been a student and a teacher at Parsons School of Design in NYC for over 20 years… I ‘m now ready to share all of my best discoveries with you.

I’m Laura Volpintesta, and I work with women of all ages everywhere to help them to:

  1. LEARN real tools and skills for design, and watch them grow
  2. CREATE, EXPRESS themselves,  and find their unique voice unfolding in the process
  3. CONNECT with the creative force inside you, and a positive community here…and keep that vibe at the fore.

At Fashion Illustration Tribe, I want you to know what I know you are:

  • WELCOME at exactly where you are at, level-wise
  • Supported, Encouraged, and Guided with love and humor
  • Powerful and ABLE to learn and grow
  • Unique in your perspective and full of stories to tell
  • Creative and Curious
  • Diverse and positive

I’ve been a 20 years fashion faculty at Parsons the New School for Design and now featured on Craftsy.com , I’ve authored and co-authored two books on fashion with Rockport Publishers. too! I’ve worked with thousands of unique and amazing students and watched them progress like crazy from week to week.

“I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and learned”– this is what I hear again and again.

I’ve watched many fashion creatives bloom and take their skills into so many directions in the world! Whether you go into the fashion industry or create art for personal pleasure, I want you to have REAL TOOLS that bring you CREATIVE JOY.

Do you LOVE ideas, DESIGN, colors, textures,people, styles, culture, stories, art, imagination..don’t “know how to draw” ?

There are so many obstacles to studying fashion: unsupportive family, work schedules, exorbitant costs, long-distance commutes, flat-out-fear… but let nothing stop you now.

Are you afraid you’ll never get your ideas out of your head?

One of my primary goals is to make REAL TOOLS and skills available to EVERYONE who has this dream!

Do you have a deep knowing that  if  you can learn fashion illustration tools and techniques, explore and sketch your ideas out… you will be more empowered toward what you want?

I want you to LOVE what you do, and get experience and confidence!

Why have you put off your dream of studying fashion?

You can actually get started today: learn model drawing , fabric rendering, technical details, quick sketching, illustration, and how to sketch out a whole collection. And so much more! ….Create an original print, inspiration boards, flats, learn faces, poses, and watercolor.

Studying Fashion- Choose your options:

    1. FREEDOM FASHION is the BOMB. It’s a whole semester course program that you pace yourself .  You can learn fashion illustration, with paper, watercolors, and pencils with other creatives. Just like in top fashion schools, right here, right now. SIGNUP HERE!
    2. You can also grab me for private tutoring, portfolio review, or lessons via Skype? BOOK YOUR SESSIONS NOW!

  1. Have you heard about my digital 4 week workshop where I show you how to use digital painting/  art apps on Android and iOS for fashion illustration and master faces, heads, and hair? ENROLLMENT IS OPEN
  2. Maybe you’d like to focus on your Technical Drawing  (Fashion Flats) from beginner square one for sewers, in my Craftsy.com class! Thousands have enrolled. GET STARTED TODAY!
  3. Or just peruse one of my books: the Language of Fashion Design or the Fashion Designer’s Reference and Specification Manual. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.

email me or comment for more info!


Studying fashion: Original Fashion design sketches by Laura Volpintesta fashion illustration by laura volpintesta of a dress by Adriana Barros img_5849

fashion illustrator Laura Volpintesta, Fashion sketch of a runway look by Prabal Gurung

fashion illustrator Laura Volpintesta, Fashion sketch of a runway look by Prabal Gurung. Study fashion

Fashion Illustrator Laura Volpintesta Fashion Illustrator Laura Volpintesta