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Hello, Gorgeous Global Visionary!

I’m Laura Volpintesta, enthusiastically guiding and inspiring on the Fashion Faculty at Parsons in NYC since 1997 (and online since 2008 when I developed their very first online fashion design studio course).  I believe that fashion’s sustainable future comes from design that comes from the heart.   I believe that the way you study makes a difference. I teach mothers, working professionals, digital designers, and young people drawn to design so that they can build their portfolios, design and illustration skills from their home studio.  I believe in kindness in design, and powerful expression of your unique message in your work!

Your message matters.

I am so excited and help you bust through that “feeling stuck” part of you that is itching to get into a groove designing and illustrating figures, fabrics, flats, and fashion designs or costume illustrations.

In my online fashion design courses, each week you receive an hour’s worth of video demonstrations, plus checklists, resources, and assignments. AND FEEDBACK from myself and your peers.  I’ll guide you forward and help you recognize your strengths and run with them.

You will find yourself drawing and painting figures and clothes, sketching flats with details, and researching/presenting groups of garments.

You WON’T learn Photoshop or Illustrator Skil

my book! the Language of fashion design, by Laura volpintesta

(good news! My book (above) has just been translated and published into the Russian in hardcover, along with word that Chinese, Spanish and French editions are already in the works.  I am over the moon with this news!)

You will be telling your stories by learning and speaking the language of  fashion- with your own unique accent!!  I have helped over a thousand students already. I’ve been at this for a long time.

I LOVE IT! You will too….You CAN do this, but you have to start somewhere!


You are invited to share and upload your progress and participate in a lively, supportive community and keep your membership indefinitely.   You can pace yourself as needed, and even keep your study private if you prefer. But I promise you, the group participation aspect of the course is PRICELESS!!  We give each other feedback, encouragement, and learn from each other and discuss the topics that interest us most! You’ll also gain access to the Fashion Illustration TRIBE Facebook group where we share articles, images, and resources with each other.
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In Fashion Illustration Tribe’s Soulful Fashion Immersion Semester ONLINE COURSE:

  • sketch specific garment details: stitching, gathers, flares, darts, necklines, sleeves
  • start your designer’s sketchbook and keep it going
  • to sketch lively, vibrant and customizable bodies for your illustrations (NO GIRAFFE PROPORTIONS!)
  • work with color (pencils and gouache watercolor)
  • color matching, mixing and pattern rendering
  • create and present mini collections around themes
  • on  your schedule, at your own pace
  • GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR UNIQUE VISION AND VOICE through these assignments and exercises!!!

Fashion needs some true inspired voices!

You are inspired, but you need the art skills, processes, orientation and practice to be up to speed with creative, expressive, and professional level design skills…

Start to Learn Fashion Design Online!

Illustration, Figure Drawing, Silhouettes and Details, now….

You can sign up for classes (Soulful Fashion Immersion Semester, 12 weeks Level One-) , exclusive Level One coaching program including 3 -40 min Skype sessions ($2000), or simply look at my blog articles and you tube channel!

Level one involves all of the skills you need to create a fashion portfolio, whether you continue study or not, you will have a full range of illustration skills to go on to create your portfolio with in the 12 week foundation.  (plus I have bonus weeks for you :0)

NEWS: I have also launched a more affordable option: 8 week model drawing and swimwear design studio.

Fashion Illustration Tribe was born of my experience teaching fashion design for 17 years and counting, from beginner model drawing to portfolio, including draping , sewing, and pattern making at Parsons, where I studied in NY and Paris.

I am so blessed to continue work with students from around the world, from total beginners, to fashion marketers and digital designers,  to practicing fashion designers who never got to perfect their sketching skills.

The tone is encouraging. FUN,  freeing.  The subject is E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G. The journey goes deep and gives you rich skills that you will have and enjoy for a lifetime.

The course takes place in a platform where you’ll be able to share your results with others (if you’re comfortable with that, not required!) and have some conversations around that, too!

I look forward to the adventures we’ll have this year!Come along with the TRIBE!

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With Lots of Love,


ps reminder: Blog articles link here.  12 week Soulful Fashion Foundation Immersion Semester registration link here.  Full-service coaching (course plus Skype appointments) here.

Art supply link (this info also in the registration package) is to be purchases SEPARATELY at this link for about $130 from Utrecht Discount Art Supplies. To save, you can remove items.  You can also start the course and then buy the items as you see you need them. Purchasing all at once is the best deal because the coupon codes they offer all the time…remember to enter your coupon code from the header into the shopping cart page! (click “add to cart” at the bottom left of the supply list.)

cavalera 2014 SPFW lookbook pencil sketch by Laura VolpintestaQuick rendered croquis from magazine tears in gouache and pencils, Laura VolpintestaLaura Volpintesta, fashionilllustrationtribe, quick croquis rendered in gouachefashionillustrationtribe laura volpintesta afw designer african fashion week runway illustration gouacheLaura Volpintesta fashion illustration pin tucks creative fashion illustration in gouache Dress Fashion Illustration of a design by Alexandre Herchcovitch, Brasil, by Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration TribeLaura Volpintesta of Fashion Illustration Tribe

fashion Illustration TRIBE, laura volpintesta

Let me know what you'd like to see covered in upcoming courses, articles and livestream events! Thanks!