Learn Fashion Design Sketching with HEART and MIND

learn fashion online with Laura Volpintesta
Hi, I”m Laura Volpintesta

I’m someone who always doodled, LOVED FASHION, but never “knew how to draw” until I got to Parsons School of Design when I was 18. Then my eyes, mind, and hands opened up to a wonderful world of magic, of visual expression and design. (As well as the spirit of  throbbing, diverse, vibrant cities known as NYC and Paris.)

I love to offer this transformational journey to YOU!

Who am I?  Assistant Professor, Parsons the New School for Design Fashion, since 1997, teaching Patternmaking, Draping, Portfolio, Model Drawing, Design, Sewing.

Author, the Language of Fashion Design, now in 5 languages worldwide, and co-author of the Fashion Design Reference and Specification Manural.

Freelance fashion illustrator and technical designer, jewelry designer.

Who are you?

A passionate curious learner who loves working with hands and heart….. who loves fashion, loves people, color, texture, shape….who wants to study on your own schedule, at your own pace, to develop your unique style and skills.

I know you can do this…I’ve been here…………….with a thousand students, (over my career  teaching Fashion  at Parsons in NYC………..)

each with a unique voice

Learn the range of fashion design sketching skills in an environment that nurtures your unique voice for the new era

To learn fashion design online means you play the videos as many times as you want or need.  It means you can always ask a question. You can come to class when your energy is focused and your mood is on :0). You are free to check in to the online classroom whenever is convenient to you, from any where.

You can pause when life is hectic, you can take your time on a difficult section, or move ahead when you’re cruising through the material!

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fashion sketch by Laura Volpintesta founder, fashion Illustration tribe. Faculty, Parsons School of Design
Fashion Illustration Tribe Freedom Fashion Summer Session 2016 learn fashion design online learn fashion sketching


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  • Learn to build a fashion figure sketch- this method is customizable for any body shape

    EXPRESS YOURSELF and try new skills!

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17 thoughts on “Learn Fashion Online- Vibrant, Diverse, and Body-Positive!

  1. HI – I am wondering if you offer a “party” program. My daughter’s 17th birthday is coming up and I am trying to think of a fun activity for her and her friends. Do you offer any type of 1 -2 fashion class?

  2. Dear Rachel,
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this comment…. it makes me so happy to know you enjoyed that, and it also reminds me how much I love to share what I know and how much I love fashion and fabric, craft and art, period…. and so often we can forget that we have passions and gifts that can connect us with others and inspire and teach…and that its effortless because we love it so much. Thank you so much for feeding this energy with your enthusiasm, talent and curiosity. We are going to cover a lot of territory, discover, and create a lot. Neither one of us will be the same :0)! The evening wear segment is the other one I still have to do. I want to do them after the semester starts so I can feed off of the energy of the students. Each class has its own spirit. I can’t wait to start up.
    See you on Peri and Insta…! My two favorite places!!! ( i love pinterest too but I don’t say much there…just greedily pin and pin……. do you pin?) xo Laura

  3. That’s ok, about not getting it on time! Though, I’m sure that that bugs you… YES! I was so excited to check out your scope on MFA work…. so so beautiful and inspiring! Also, I love listening to you talk about all the fabrics! That is one thing that I’m not strong in; knowing the technical names for all the beautiful fabrics and cuts there are out there…. eek. But, that’s ok, I’m so excited to start learning with you in the semester too 🙂 Thank you so much for creating this wonderful offering! Look forward to catching you on Parascope soon!!! (And Insta too!)

  4. Dear Rachel!
    Hi! I dont’ get notifications from my website when I get a comment…so I just received this. I cannot figure out how to turn that feature on! the Steps that haven’t been created yet will be tacked on the end as bonuses. Great question! I’m so glad we’ve connected too! I wonder if you caught the replay of the exhibit from Parsons yesterday of the MFA Fashion garments. It should be up till about 1 o’clock today… you might like it! It takes a close look at some very experimental and beautiful crafted garments. It was so fun to get up close to them.
    We are going to have soon much fun Rachel, creating. Especially for you, who already have a strong skill set, this is just going to add and add to your tools and inspire you so much, I HOPE!!!! I love seeing your work on INSTA!!

  5. Hi Laura!

    It is SO great to connect with you via periscope and instagram! I see that there are 18 Steps in the outline listed above. Will they all be included in the 15 week semester that is on special this weekend?

    THANK YOU!!!

  6. Good web site you have got here.. It’s hard to find high quality writing like yours these days.
    I honestly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  7. oops I forgot to answer that the course is $2000. It has a base 12 weeks of an hour of videos per week, plus exercises, projects, and lessons that build to build your skills, freedom of creativity, and knowledge! the art supply kit is under $200. There are lots of bonus lessons and videos, and continuing community too… and you keep your access forever, so you can revisit and replay your course materials again and again as you continue your development. There is also a Portfolio development course in the works.

  8. Dear Jennifer, hello!
    I’ve been meaning to message you back (email), but I still haven’t found a way to work the payment plan efficiently! When you are ready, you can just email me and start up. Payment plans will be available one day but are not at this time. However, I can flexibly add you into the course when you are ready (just you) though in general I will open and close the doors to the course registration from time to time… since we are still small I can be flexible and sign you in when you are ready. Thank you so much for your interest and please let me know if you have any questions at all, or suggestions. I hope you’ll join us in the Facebook group to get started! it’s called Fashion Tribalistas…just click “join” and I’ll put you in!

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