I am THRILLED to share with you my interview with the bright, breath-of-fresh-air, fashion creative director Shafiq Haddad!

(scroll down just a bit to see the video)

A former Parsons Fashion Design student of mine from 12 years ago, Shafiq invited me out to his downtown Brooklyn studio last week to film the inaugural episode of his new YouTube show: “In Bed with Shafiq”!

I jumped at the opoprtunity because I immediately resonate with Shafiq’s  positive, open, energetic, diverse and inspired approach to fashion, people, and life. You’ll love his sense of humor, zest for life… and his Fashion Illustrations and designs from “back in the day”!!!

It was such a wonderful day to hear that I had impacted him and to get a chance to talk about my favorite subject:

Creative Education.

As a creative who was shy to declare myself an artist until I was in my 30s (even with a fashion design degree under my belt), my experience in classrooms as a Parsons and Parsons Paris student have had a big impact on the way I approach teaching the arts.

There is a culture of criticizing, “squashing”, and fear that can run rampant in the arts!

As a musician and an artist, I’ve seen a lot. It can be in educational and learning institutions, as well as in families and communities.

Often times, it is something that I believe is “handed down”…we get it, then we pass it on.

But we can stop the cycle!

And to me, that is paramount. When we can feel safe enough to create and express ourselves and open up the channel to create and listen to the creative spirit that lives in us an calls to us, we are joyful.


I always say, “Art is your Birthright”. Nobody has the right to take that flow away from you.

There is no end to the list of traumatic stories artists, musicians, and adults remembering back to childhood, have about their attempts at expressing their creative voice!

Healing those experiences  holds all of this fun, this joy, and this freedom on the other side.

All it takes is ONE FABULOUS teacher, perhaps !!!


The new model is positive and expansive,self-directed  and empowered.

I learned so much about this when I was a Music Together instructor…..The Center for Music and Young Children taught me so much about the way young people learn through play and self directed exploration that I went on to homeschool my own kids!

i’m so grateful to be living in this new era.

Kindness in education, and prominently in Fashion education, will open up a new, more ethical and sustainable way of doing business while being creative and responsible with mother nature and our brothers and sisters.

Follow Shafiq’s channel to catch the upcoming series and all of the videos he’ll be creating interviewing people who are PASSIONATE about what they do.


How did you like this video?  What was your favorite part? Mine was when Shafiq said “WE ALL GET As”!!!!! lol

Keep me posted in the comments below!




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