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The longer I am business, the more and more clear it becomes to me WHY I DO WHAT I DO.

Why I LOVE what I do.

I LOVE TO SEE YOU EXPAND AND GROW!  I LOVE TO SEE YOU get the tools and skills, plus the sheer EXPERIENCE to become a unique developed voice in your fashion sketching and designing!

I created Freedom Fashion after 20 years teaching at Parsons School of Desigin in New York City ( I still teach some classes there, actually)  Fashion Designing Course because I always loved what I teach.

But I wanted to teach in a totally different setting that was more truly supportive of women.

So I’m going to talk about both of these things today.

WHY IT’S SO SATISFYING to teach fashion designing courses and how starting my own school lets me be more supportive of the women I teach.

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First of all,

most people who come to a fashion designing course have pintpointed that they love DESIGN, EXPRESSION, COLOR.  They notice the details in the garments, the shapes and textures, the way that different combinations feel. “Fashionistas” see fashion in magazines, on the runways, fashion blogs, in boutiques and on the streets, and it speaks directly to them. Fashion Artistas understand that LANGUAGE of fashion. (Like my book: “the Language of Fashion Design”):0).

Fashion lovers are a unique breed…… visionary souls who are amazed by the expressions of the models themselves, their gestures, poses, faces and styling… they feel so much when they see these powerful images of beauty and stories told through fashion.


What I love is the surprise…that a lot of the women who come to fashion don’t often identify themselves as “ARTISTS”.

Students who come to the fashion designing course love fashion or sewing or styling, but they don’t usually say that they are “artists.”

As a matter of fact, a funny story actually, even after I finished fashion school, It took me another 5 years to be comfortable calling myself an “artist”, which is so weird, because now I know/feel I was always one!

I love easing fashion designing students into realizing that they are artists. It’s awesome to show them that the fact that they respond powerfully to fashion and images is STEP ONE. How amazing it is to realize that the fact that they are curious and want to learn the craft and innovate to express themselves, makes them artists.

How cool is it that they will become makers, creatives, and creators!?

Fashion is art.

From sketching to sewing to patternmaking to styling, if you are drawn to those things, you are have an artist/ designer’s eye.

Especially here at Freedom Fashion.

What does that mean? That means that as you learn, the way you see changes. Your eyes, your mind, your heart and your hands start to work together in ways you never imagined, and it’s truly exhilarating. Self -esteem soars as you grow into your own style, voice, and point of view.

With so many hours put into your sketchbooks and practice,

you discover your own way and why of doing things,

that no one else can do the same way you do.

I was lucky that I heeded fashion’s call…in 1992 when I got to NYC’s Parsons School of Design as a first-year student, the entire first year was fashion-free…we were required to learn drawing, composition, figure drawing, art history, 3-d design, color and design…and my favorite class was called “interpretive figure”. We would draw from the model and it was all about


How does the thought of doing this make you feel? COMMENT BELOW and share your experience!

My FREEDOM FASHION fashion designing course teaches you all of the stuff I teach students who I’m preparing for the industry at Parsons. I’ve been doing that for 20 years.

  • art supplies
  • how to use them
  • how to explore them
  • model drawing
  • shading
  • basic anatomy
  • poses
  • movement

The human body

is the most amazing thing to work with!  All sizes, all shapes. Sketching humans is to create life on the paper.

Living, breathing humans!

Then we get into fashion specifics.

  • prints
  • patterns
  • textures
  • fabrics
  • mood boards
  • fabric boars
  • research
  • gouache, watercolors
  • pens, pencils
  • layouts
  • fashion collections
  • flat sketches
  • categories, occasions
  • presentation
  • quick sketching
  • croquis
  • final illustrations
  • resources/websites/
  • apps
  • community
  • BONUS: patternmaking and draping course(newly added to program)
  • NEW BONUS: digital freehand fashion illustration (ipad/tablet)


When students come together, a conversations starts. You can share your work in a private space with others and give each other some of the most valuable insights you’ll ever get on your creations! You’ll learn from others as well as teach others as you exchange tips and ideas. I’ll give you lots of feedback and guidance all along the way.

I’ve worked with literally hundreds of beginners to bring them into fluent fashion design sketchers and illustrators. I KNOW that learning in an encouraging, fun and supportive environment is key. Most likely, you’ll need to be coaxed over some fearful, self-judging bumps, and that’s why it’s so important to learn in an environment that truly supports you.

My goal is to bring that environment for you.

No scathing CRITIQUES.  You won’t be apologizing for sick kids, a day’s rest, extra hours at your day job, or getting graded.  No student loans, harried commutes, empty promises about what you MIGHT GET after four years putting your life on hold. No teachers trying to “weed out ” students.

You’ll get supported, because that’s what we do.

If you want this, I”m going to do everything I can to get you there. drawing, sketching, designing, putting together a portfolio that says YOU as we cover swimwear/activewear/lingerie design, spring/summer collections, fall/winter collections, and eveningwear design. (so far our curriculum is added to EVERY YEAR so you get access to even more bonus modules.

Freedom Fashion works with your life, during and in your life, and we have an ongoing conversation about where you want to go. Learn in a fashion designing course that celebrates all body types, diversity and ethical fashion too.  Women work in different ways than a university. I want to foster and support that by working with “students”( i learn from all of you all the time, though, you know that) who are aware that women want change in fashion and in education and workplace that supports them more.


How does this resonate with you?

Share your stories below!



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