Laura Volpintesta Fashion Testimonials

Laura Volpintesta Fashion Instructor Testimonials


“The videos are so helpful!…And, I was just thinking how lucky I am to be gleaning all of these insights with kids asleep in bed from the comfort of my home”- Melissa D, Canada


“Teaching isn’t just skill….Laura, your personality makes me feel like I can do anything. I’ve never done this before, and I’ve amazed myself!”-Tatiana R., Australia


“I was fortunate to have such a wonderful professor for my Fashion Industry Design class(at Parsons). Laura is a talented designer/ illustrator, amazing tutor, and deep personality.  Her open-mindedness, support, warm and kind attitude creates absolutely magical atmosphere in class. Laura is so alive, sincere, joyful and creative, it touches everyone. There is no chance a student can stay away from such great energy!”- Ev Bessar, Fashion designer, Artist, and philanthropist. NYC


“To find a teacher in the arts who offers up everything they know and more, and whose sole purpose is to see you ‘fly’- … is extremely rare. Laura is one of those teachers. She set us up for success in so many ways.  Generosity, creativity, and encouragement– plus a solid foundation in basic art– were all part of her teaching. I created some of my best work in her Fashion Drawing 1 class and still rely on many of the techniques.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have been her student.”  -J.Heloise, Fashion Designer, teacher, and Illustrator.


“Laura, your class really inspired me to do all I’m doing. Up to date it was my most valuable class. i’m so glad to reconnect with you as you inspire me so much! I still reference all of my drawings from your class-LOL- I’m even thinking of signing up for your new classes myself.  I have been doing this since we left Parsons and it is not without its challenges, I tell you, but I tell you we’re learning from it and we’re lucky because we love what we do”.- Selina Sutherland, Fashion Designer, World of ROF, Nigeria

“As an advocate for women, and sustainable and ethical design practices, I PLEDGE I won’t be teaching or encouraging outrageous, unrealistic proportions for fashion design.  When you have REAL SKILLS for sophisticated detail and drawing beyond the most superficial techniques, you don’t need to rely on body distortion to make beautiful, exciting, breathtaking fashion art”-Laura Volpintesta, Founder, FashionIllustrationTribe


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