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Online courses books and resources to learn with Laura!

I’ve always loved fashion, loved the transformation of beginning to learning art and design in my early 20s.

I ADORE passing on that passion and experience.

I remember that you deserve to have the wonderful joy of discovery that I did when I went to Parsons School of Design.

Through resources, discussions, demonstrations, examples, I’ll guide you in the right direction……. to follow your own love and voice!

If  you like, you can order my fashion design book now available 5 languages!
the language of fashion design laura volpintesta

Or, watch the trailer here or sign up for my Craftsy class!

It was an absolute thrill to work with Craftsy’s creative team to create this beautiful online course production in their studios in Denver, CO.

It teaches so clearly how to sketch flats for fashion: focusing on details and proportions without dealing with model drawing like my other courses. do. It’s affordable and flexible!

Fashion Online course

This is me :0)

fashion online course teacher laura volpintesta

Another great way to work with me is to register for my paint- and -pencil, beginner to intermediate, learn-it-all FREEDOM FASHION foundation online course.

Learn your art supplies, model drawing, technical drawing of garment details, watercolor/gouache texture and print rendering techniques, quick sketching, mood board creation, and final illustrations of an original group of your own designs!!!!

I’m not kidding!

It’s a semester of fashion study!

Click below. It mimics the course I created for Parsons School of Design and have been teaching there for 15 years, bringing beginner students to become fluent sketcher/illustrator/ design thinkers in fashion!

Fashion Online course


Are you curious how I sketched the fashion illustration/ portrait below on my IPAD or on a tablet?

Using, elegant, fun, gorgeous apps.

Learn several apps, techniques, and all of the fundamentals of drawing/ sketching/ illustrating a face.  Including heads, hair, shine and shadow, and the features from different angles.

Click the image for course details and signup page!

online fashion course

This image below was also created on iPad/ Tablet.

Click it to visit my online course: “ABOUT FACE” which uses learning the face and head as a focus while also learning all of the wonderful things these apps can do!online fashion course Laura Volpintesta

online fashion course


Ask questions and share your sketches for free in our Facebook Group: Fashion Tribalistas by clicking below to join.



Fashion Illustration Tribe Freedom Fashion Summer Session 2016

learn fashion sketching

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  • "BUILDING the FASHION FIGURE" video lesson with Laura- for all body types

  • PDF EBOOK: "100 Fashion Design Inspiration Prompts" , including  Croquis sketching templates so you'll have figures to draw your ideas onto right away

  • Start sketching for the sheer sake of tapping into your innate creativity. This is where YOU begin and the magic will flow if you give it the time, love and attention.  There is NO art quite like fashion!