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  • "BUILDING the FASHION FIGURE" video lesson with Laura- for all body types

  • PDF EBOOK: "100 Fashion Design Inspiration Prompts" , including  Croquis sketching templates so you'll have figures to draw your ideas onto right away

  • Start sketching for the sheer sake of tapping into your innate creativity. This is where YOU begin and the magic will flow if you give it the time, love and attention.  There is NO art quite like fashion!

FINALLY! All-size fashion drawing!

ONE OF THE reasons I founded Fashion Illustraton Tribe was because I couldn’t believe that the top schools were still teaching distorted body image to the students as a standard or a norm.

Even though fashion “DESIGN” illustration by definition is a sketch done to scale, to make something real.

Body positivity, for me, is everything.

As a student, i was taught to create proportions that even the tallest, skinniest models couldn’t acheive!!


Another reason why I founded Fashion Illustration Tribe

was because

That was just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG in the ways that my fashion education didn’t serve me as a WOMAN.

Online Plus Size Fashion Sketching Online workshop

Let’s get to the point???

I don’t know why this hasn’t happened yet, but it’s happening NEXT WEEK!!!!


The Plus Size Fashion sketching workshop will run live 6:30 EST 1- 1 1/2 hours per night for a small group of women.

plus size fashion sketching workshop

  • online plus size fashion sketching livestream demonstrations with expert!
  • replays
  • q and a live
  • q and a in online group (not FB)
  • plus size fashion model drawing exercises and projects
  • beginner friendly, goes deep
  • private community
  • 4 WEEKS of access to replays and private community
  • limited time and space to really get you to dive in, take action, and see results in your development
  • explore techniques
  • find your style
  • various art supplies discussed, only paper and pencil required
  • accountability and community!
  • explore plus size model drawing AND design
  • celebrate women of all sizes and shapes!

the WAITLIST signup link is here

and you can ask me anything! Just comment below or send me questions at info@fashionillustrationtribe.com

you get instant access to a starter plus size fashion sketching online workshop video just to get you fired up, plus the gates open and you get RIGHT into the community area to meet each other and let me know your most pressing topics as early as TODAY.

I can’t wait to see you all and get to know you. Let’s nurture your skill and your vision so we can flood the interwebs with beautiful fashion images for body positivity and beauty!