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and ENJOY these gifts for fashion design creativity !
  • get "BUILDING the FASHION FIGURE" video model drawing lesson with Laura- for all body types

  • PDF EBOOK: "100 Fashion Design Inspiration Prompts" inspires,  includes Croquis sketching templates so you'll have figures to draw your ideas onto right away

  • START using the tools to CREATE!!!!  This is where YOU begin and the magic flows. 

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Online Fashion Courses

The sketch above is a digital drawing, but as you read on you’ll see that Freedom Fashion is first based in pencils and watercolors. The digital FACES course is available a-la-carte a few times a year, but is also included in the Freedom Fashion Program Membership.

Online fashion Courses are an amazing resource that wasn’t available when I began teaching in 1997 at Parsons School of Design. In fact, it wasn’t until 2008 that I was invited to create Parsons School of Fashion Design’s very first online Fashion Studio Course (design, model drawing, sketching and illustration class).

P.S- at the time, I didn’t know much about digital anything.

It’s been 10 years now and EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! Online learning is everywhere.


Are you curious, inspired, motivated, moved, eager to get your feet in the water in fashion sketching and design? With watercolors, gouache, fabrics, or even your ipad?

I bet you are!

There is no art or craft in the world like fashionm illustration and design.

It can mean you work for a big company, run a big company, run a small company, or simply develop and realize your creative potention.

It’s a heart, sould, and self-realization mission.

Fashion calls to you like NOTHING else because…

it tells such powerful stories.

About people.

…WOMEN, our lives, our dreams, ourselves.

Fabric. Pattern and color and texture.

About culture. About the times.

Fashion Design…

Fabric Design, and Fashion Illustration are ways that we are called to express ourselves, our dreams, our ideas and our love.

The act of making, feeling, and communicating in the world of fashion (or in the privacy of our home) is full-on exhilarating and satisfying.

I’ve noticed….Fashion students come in with SO MUCH LOVE and desire to create.

THIS is what I want to nurture. THIS is what I want to give you in my programs.

When I came to NYC and Paris as a Parsons Fashion student, the first year we only were allowed to study a “foundation” in Fine Arts. Painting, sculpting, drawing. I had NO IDEA that I was an artist.

My love for fashion taught me that i WAS and artist.

And that I could be. I just had to learn. And it i was exhilaration.

An artist is someone who responds so powerfully with love for beauty, that they are moved to CREATE more it.

And you know what?

That first year BLEW MY MIND. I learned to see in new ways, to feel in new ways, to use my hands and mind in new ways.

I want to blow YOUR mind.

I want you to discover art supplies, tools and techniques,

I also want you to discover YOURSELF, your voice, and the thrill of the chase…  chasing ideas, visions, and feelings… and capturing them on paper.

  • Model Drawing.
  • Fashion Illustration.
  • Quick professional sketching, detailing, and artistic illustration.
  • Art supplies, how to use them. Art skills.
  • Color, composition, design. Form.
  • Research. Fabrics. Presentation
  • Draping, Patternmaking, knit, crochet, on and on. (You can skip these components if you aren’t interested)


You can focus purely on the core program, or you can dabble and dip into the other courses that complement it.

It wasn’t until after I graduated from Parsons that I realized that the fashion business wasn’t half as beautiful as the ART of fashion and the dreams that aroused in me.  It’s an INDUSTRY. It can be so corporate, harsh, joyless. Somehow, the WAY i learned fashion taught me to accept that.

I WANT YOU TO ACCEPT NO LESS THAN THE JOY OF CREATING, making, sharing, exploring, telling stories and finding your message.

After 20 years of fashion teaching, I’m so convinced 1) that fashion can change for the better and 2) that the majority of the students that come through the schools are processed into an industy that doesn’t reflect what brought them to fashion in the first place!

Whether you’re a designer without sketching skills, a prospective college student, a homebased fashionista, or someone who graduated from fashion school but didn’t learn what they wanted or how they wanted…..


Now in our fourth year,

Fashion Illustration Tribe is growing every year with new courses and collaborations in the works.

My core online fashion course program gets you up and running with 16 modules from beginner drawing to model drawing to designing and illustrating a collection with swatches and prints, mood boards and details.

The Suite of Soulful Fashion Foundation Program also includes

  • the Digital Freehand Fashion llustration/ Fashion sketching course
  • the Patternmaking and Draping course library
  • the Autumn/ Winterwear and Knitwear course
  • the Eveningwear designand Illustration Course
  • the Model Drawing exploration intensive course (every lesson just 20 minutes)


I’ve been teaching and studying at Parsons since 1992 I KNOW what I think is most important (a few KEY COURSES and concepts)  and I believe that you need access to a teacher who cares only about bringing out the best in you.

A teacher who’s accessible and devoted to helping you reach your creative goals…

but who doesn’t grade, reprimand, take attendance…

No commutes

No loans,

No competitive harsh environment.

Because fashion is FOR you, through you and FROM you, and THAT’s how Ethical fashion happens. That’s how inspiration happens.

That’s how we change the world. That’ how we CREATE the world.

I want your experience to fit your lifestyle and schedule and personal preferences in a positive environment!

In an Online fashion course that supports you with resources and above all

Keeps your heart and soul at the fore.

Because when you adventure into fashion and explore your own curiosity through the lessons, projects, and techniques……

You will feel the full result of what your love of fashion called you too.




Art and design that you are proud of.

EXPERIENCES that stretch you into feeling fully realized and alive.

ONLINE FASHION COURSES at Fashion Illustration Tribe.

Do you have any questions for me???….


What would YOU do, if you knew…..

I don’t believe that art is only for the few and the rare.

I know and believe that you can learn tools and break the myths that hold you apart from creating  images based on that way that your heart beats harder when you feel the power of what fashion, adornment, garment and decoration do in the world.

Shall we begin????



Online Fashion Courses

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