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  • "BUILDING the FASHION FIGURE" video lesson with Laura- for all body types

  • PDF EBOOK: "100 Fashion Design Inspiration Prompts" , including  Croquis sketching templates so you'll have figures to draw your ideas onto right away

  • Start sketching for the sheer sake of tapping into your innate creativity. This is where YOU begin and the magic will flow if you give it the time, love and attention.  There is NO art quite like fashion!

 learn fashion design sketching


Drawing, sketching, details, watercolor illustration… even patternmaking and draping.

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You landed here because you love fashion, and fashion design.

I want you to keep that love and I want to see it grow. I know that most of us come to fashion and don’t realize it’s because we are artists.

You are going to really develop your artist and maker’s muscle here.  Starting with your heart and hands.

Learn fashion design sketching: Original Fashion design sketches by Laura Volpintestalearn fashion design sketching ,fashion illustration by laura volpintesta of a dress by Adriana Barros








How do you begin?

What do you do with that love? Why are you called to fashion? What  do you need to learn to go deeper?

I’m a 20 years Professor at Parsons School of Design where I graduated in 1995.  I’ve custom created a complete program for you based on the courses I’ve studied, taught, and created for fashion lovers to

  • explore     art and design
  • learn    drawing, painting, clothing creation techniques
  • create    collections and themes and garments
  • connect     with an encouraging teacher-guide and community of positive makers
  • express     ideas, emotions, style and stories about fashion, people, and culture.
  • design      pieces and prints, accessories to delight and explore fashion thinking
  • research     discover references and resources that designers and artists use and riff on them
  • collect      inspiration, fabrics, sketchbooks, trims, tools and ….relationships/collaborations
  • innovate

…….without student loans, grades, commutes, or rules.

Learn fashion design

on YOUR terms and schedule. What is the visual vocabulary, and the names for the fabrics, details, and silhouettes?

How do you build figures for any body type you want, consistently?


I’ll never forget how thrilling

it was to learn the things I’m teaching you here in FREEDOM FASHION,  when I was a student.

But FOUR YEARS? In all those years, I could sum up what I learned in just a few key classes.

These basics will provide you with endless ways to express and create in fashion design.


How can you

capture the feeling of fabrics, texures and patterns in color sketches and illustrations?

What goes into a fashion portfolio?

In Freedom Fashion, you’ll even learn freehand techniques for illustrating on your iPad or digital device.

You see, after 20 years teaching at Parsons, I got so restless.

I loved the students. But the corporate structure of the academic environment was making it less and less about what I loved about teaching.

Especially fashion.

You can learn fashion design

in such an open, creative way.

You can buy your own mannequin, save thousands upon thousands of dollars and hours, and make your own path.

Even if you decided to go into a university program someday, these skills grow over time and the time for you to begin is NOW.

Lifetime access courses and program allow you to view and review your courses and revisit exercises and projects again and again.

Complete a portfolio of art and design work that you can be proud of and evolve for a lifetime.

Ask whatever you need to ask

Class is always in session: you can tune in and learn whenever you want at the pace you want, and you can always get your questions answered.

Ask for feedback whenever you want.

“Teaching isn’t just about skill, Laura. I’ve never done this before, and I’ve amazed myself” =T.Roberts, Australia.

Learn fashion design in the FREEDOM FASHION PROGRAM!

Sketching, Illustration, Detail Drawing, Mood Boards, Presentation, Portfolio, of lots Creative Exploration,  and more!

FREEDOM FASHION now registering HERE  (click for details)


Wait, well, it’s more than that. .

You love PEOPLE.  Color. Shape. Energy. Form.

You love ART, fabric, costume, shape.

You love original ideas, the way things move, the way fashion speaks.

You’re fascinated by the stories of adornment and culture that you see weaving around the world in cities, in small villages, around you and beyond.

Ideas are exploding in your imagination.

But you feel you  “can’t draw….”

Have you found that fashion is calling you to become the artist you didn’t know you could be?

And are you suspicious of those sketches with the super long extreme and skinny legs?

Let’s sketch women as we are. Beautiful. Stylish. Amazing.

Fashion is calling you to be an artist.

That’s what happened to me.

You are an artist and that’s why fashion pulls you in.

I graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1995 with a Fashion Design BFA.

In 1997 I became a teacher there. I’m now an Assistant Professor of Fashion and Founder of Freedom Fashion.

I want to pass on everything AMAZING I LOVED LEARNING …to my students and community.


Maybe you feel stuck because:

You have so many BEAUTIFUL references, emotions and ideas kicking around in your head, but aaaaaaaargh you can’t DRAW!


…you CAN’T MOVE to a major city to study, or put your life on hold to do so.

Or both?

maybe you are so independent and eclectic that you have so much love and creativity but couldn’t bear to have to sit through 4 years in some degree program.

It’s not what you want.

……But what you imagine is so beautiful,

and you feel couldn’t possibly get it out on paper! Because you think you can’t “do art”,

but inside something even stronger says:”YOU HAVE TO”.

You see the time passing and it feels like some terrible mistake that you aren’t using your talent and sharing it with the world.

Heck, the world? Even sharing it with YOURSELF!

You want to stuff your sketchbook with ideas and drawings and take vague ideas so much deeper.

You want to see them through into detailed sketches and collections of sketches around themes.



supports and encourages your independence and rhythm of your life.

Log in to your videos and work the program lesson by lesson on your own pace.

I LOVED creating this program based on everything i learned that I felt was important.

Illustration, research,design, presentation….draping, patternmaking….

Deep down, you want to see YOURSELF what you can do.

I want to see you do it too!

I’m an expert at teaching and coaching you through the bumps and pep talks you’ll need along the way.

Where do you start?

What art supplies, tools, apps do you need?  

I’ll tell you!

What formats could you use to explore??

We’ll explore them!

You don’t want to start from scratch– you’d like a guided path

But you’ll have to trust me and commit to this program.

Just do each lesson. Ask your questions along the way.

What are students learning in those fashion schools? Is fashion illustration different than fashion design?

What about technical stuff, like Patternmaking, Draping, Print design?

We’ll touch on that too.

How do you get your foundations set in all of these aspects and find out where you are most called to?

How could you tap in and find out what you have to say…

and make some magic?

What would happen if you did???

I’d love to know what you want to do.

Where do you find the resources and “lay of the land” in the world of fashion designing and sketching?

How can you get totally oriented?



Art supplies…. model drawing, …… watercolors, inks, papers…. fabrics and swatches…..exercises, projects and demonstrations…

by exploring fabric surface pattern design…. fine details like closures, pockets, seams and gathers.

What are they and how do you draw them?

How can you improvise them and find your own voice to express people, fashion, design and adornment?

Not in a surface way, but in a deep way. All of this cool stuff like shading and textures, building a portfolio.

But in an encouraging, funky, fiery and fun environment.



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I’ve taught fashion design at Parsons School of Design for 20 years

and have a personal practice as well designing and illustrating. I created Parsons’ very first Online Fashion Design Studio course in 2008, and still teach it today!

From Beginner Fashion Drawing to fashion illustration  to Fashion Portfolio. I’ve taught pattern making, draping, hand and machine sewing techniques, to degree-seeking students.

When you join FREEDOM FASHION , you will have access to all of my courses in one place:

Fashion Design Beginner Model Drawing, Fashion Concept Development, and Patternmaking. Eveningwear, knitwear, and swimwear collections. Winter collection and Portfolio, Watercolors and Gouache, Ipad/tablet digital illustration.

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Are you ready for a JOURNEY?

Into yourself, into art supplies and techniques, into your dreams and visions?  Into fashion and art?

You can learn fashion design sketching,  fashion illustration and design techniques now with a passionate author, illustrator, designer, encourager, and creative catalyst.

Me. Laura Volpintesta. I’ve been a student and a teacher at Parsons School of Design in NYC for over 20 years…

I’m a teacher who believes in the value of the divine connection that art and creativity give us.  I ‘m now ready to share all of my tools and discoveries with you as you plunge into fashion arts, to embark on an amazing path of discovery!

It’s a transformation.

Learning art and design skills is so much more than just learning skills.

I mean, it should be.

You know what I mean, right?

You’re about to embark on a journey of creation, a stretch.  You’re moving out of your comfort zone.  

Sometimes you’ll struggle with self-doubt, other times you’ll soar high with the thrill of discovery.

Feel how your eyes will change in the way you see. Notice that your hands will change in their ability.

Enjoy as your style evolves and your sketches will tell different stories and take on different meanings.

Your love for the art form will lead the way.

 In FREEDOM FASHION online program:

EXPERIENCE your artistic evolution as you move through the tools, exercises, projects that also make you experienced and knowledgeable.

  • pattern making (I would save this for last)
  • model drawing
  • art supplies / analog
  • art supplies/ digital
  • drawing details  in garments
  • mood boards and fabric boards, print design
  • faces
  • style development
  • portfolio development
  • winter fashion
  • knits
  • eveningwear
  • prints
  • resources for designers

FREEDOM FASHION (signup here!) means you pace yourself,

come when YOU are focused and relaxed, ask what YOU need. Your lifestyle is respected and honored. Study whenever YOU can.

And you can start to learn fashion design sketching and techniques TODAY when you subscribe and get the free resources:

model drawing lessons, croquis template and flats sketchbook guide PDF.

Or you can sign on to FREEDOM FASHION and get the full semester experience.


Learn fashion design sketching: Original Fashion design sketches by Laura Volpintesta learn fashion design sketching ,fashion illustration by laura volpintesta of a dress by Adriana BarrosLearn Fashion Design sketching! Freedom Fashion with Laura Volpintesta uses gouache and pencils to learn fashion sketching and illustration

FREEDOM FASHION: Get confident, purposeful and skilled

Through videos, practice, exercises and projects. Learn model drawing, art supplies, gouache techniques, tech drawing, design sketching, illustration and fabric rendering, mood boards and more. Jump in with both feet to get fully oriented and learn fashion design  sketching!

learn fashion design sketching! with fashion illustrator Laura Volpintesta, Fashion sketch of a runway look by Prabal Gurung Fashion Illustrator Laura Volpintesta. Freedom Fashion online course intensive! learn fashion design sketching with Fashion Illustrator Laura Volpintesta. Queen of Freckles on instagram... gouache illustration

You can begin today!

I’m Laura Volpintesta, and I work with women of all ages everywhere (#diversityisbeauty) to help them to:

  1. LEARN real professional tools and skills for design and CREATIVE EXPRESSION,  and watch them grow
  2. CREATE, EXPRESS themselves,  and find their unique voice unfolding in the process
  3. CONNECT with the creative force inside you, and a positive community here…and keep that vibe at the fore.
  4. ENJOY a lifetime of using these skills.
  5. TRANSFORM  and grow!

In my Freedom Fashion Semester online program,

learn fashion design

I want you to know what I know you are:

  • WELCOME at exactly where you are at, level-wise
  • Expected to take  your time with no expiration date so you can study when you are available and focused.
  • Supported, Encouraged, and Guided with love and humor
  • Powerful and ABLE to learn, grow, and explore
  • Unique in your perspective and full of stories to tell
  • Creative and Curious
  • Diverse and positive

Learn fashion design sketching- Sign up here. I’ve been a 20 years fashion faculty at Parsons the New School for Design and now featured on Craftsy.com , I’ve authored and co-authored two books on fashion with Rockport Publishers. too! I’ve worked with thousands of unique and amazing students and watched them learn fashion sketching and progress like crazy from week to week.

“I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and learned”– this is what I hear again and again.

“Laura makes me so comfortable, I feel I could do anything”– Tatiana R, Australia

“I can’t believe I can glean all of this information while the children are asleep”– Melissa D, Canada

Do you LOVE ideas, DESIGN, colors, textures,people, styles, culture, stories, art, imagination…but don’t “know how to draw” ?

There are so many obstacles to studying fashion: unsupportive family, work schedules, exorbitant costs, long-distance commutes, flat-out-fear… but let nothing stop you now. Are you afraid you’ll never get your ideas out of your head? One of my primary goals is to make REAL TOOLS and skills available to EVERYONE who has this dream! Do you have a deep knowing that  if  you can learn fashion illustration tools and techniques, explore and sketch your ideas out… you will be more empowered toward what you want?

Learn fashion design sketching:

I want you to LOVE what you do, and get experience and confidence!

I want you to realize that you are called to fashion because you are being called by the artist in you.

Heed the call to develop your skill, voice, community and vision.  You have so much to say.

Freedom Fashion Course starts with the drawing and model drawing, slowly adding color, shading, texture, design details, line sheets, mood boards,  research and illustration skills…



Fashion illustration here isn’t about finished, polished perfection.

It’s about your PROCESS, your growth, adventure, and process.



We’re going to start a little messy.

We’ve got to let our guard down enough to make real progress.

Unwind, relax, and get comfortable.

What is Fashion Illustration Tribe about?

It’s about IDEATION.




and let’s not forget ,

and that you’ll develop week by week.

Techniques, polish, accuracy and details, and everything else you may want to include.

Over 25 a 25 year career, I’ve worked in many categories and studios throughout NYC in swim, leather, childrenswear, plus size, juniors, maternity and menswear….from sample making, to fitting, crochet design, sketching, to pattern and illustration!

Why don’t you come with us? My goal is to help creatives who love fashion learn THE ART SKILLS they’ve dreamed of even when they believe they cannot draw.

And bring them together into a community to cheer each other on and stay inspired to grow and create.

It’s a transformation… a journey and a heroic one, when you are guided step by step and learn what fashion schools are teaching, but in the comfort and honor you get in your own home, with more encouragement, less debt, and NO COMMUTE.

learn fashion design