Adobe Illustrator Draw App for Fashion Illustration

Adobe Illustrator Draw App for Fashion Illustration

  1. Adobe Illustrator Draw App for Fashion Illustration has completely sucked me into its magic powers!.

To be really clear before we start, Adobe Illustrator Draw is an APP for FREEHAND SKETCHING on your digital device. ***note it’s now been replaced by Adobe with Adobe Fresco App. So you can get the same effects, but the app is now Adobe Fresco and it isn’t as simple to use. I can help, but…bummer****

Yes, it’s VECTOR drawing so you can create illustrations on transparent ground if you want, and you can blow the images up infinitely in size.

I’ll share the timelapse video of this Adobe Draw App in action too



You can work this way on iPad, iPad Pro or mini, or Adnroid or touch phone.

Of the top 3 apps I recommend for fashion illustration, Adobe Illustrator Draw is the simplest and yet the HARDEST to use in many ways.

I struggle with the decision whether to recommend it because I always go on and on about how much I love TEXTURE.

Gritty, natural texture in apps that mimics analog art suppplies, watercolor, and pencils.

Adobe Illustrator Draw App isn’t like that.

What sets Adobe Illustrator Draw app apart?

I always considered Adobe Draw unforgiving: way too smooth, slick, and clean.

Clean smoothness usually makes me freeze up in a way because it makes me feel like I have to be perfect.

(a recipe for disaster!)

Fashion Illustration of Carnaval 2018 Rio on Adobe Illustrator Draw app by Laura Volpintesta

In spite of myself, Adobe Illustrator Draw app WON when I started sketching Brazilian Carnaval in Salvador, Bahia, Recife, Pernambuco, and Rio de Janeiro, Rio, Brasil.

because the color quality is OFF THE HOOK!

Does adobe have access to superior colors somehow?

I definitely feel like each digital drawing and digital painting app I use for fashion illustration has its own unique “color feeling”.

This is just as true for brands of paint or especially collections or paintboxes: each paintbox has its own colors.

the colors you choose and how you mix them is YOUR voice, but it’s still influenced by the brand or collection that you work with.

MAIN WAYS I USED Adobe Illustrator Draw app for this Fashion Illustration:

  1. There IS NOT PENCIL. So I sue a sheer balck or sheer dark grey to do all of my plotting/ planning of my sketch.
  2. I do the planning on a layer so that if I want to, I can delete or move cover that layer later with opaque colors.
  3. Here you can see my “pencil” effect on the radiant headdress/crown
  4. You can see the use of opaque color on her orange portion of the headdress, her hair, her green leotard, and the fine lines of the fringe on her sleeve.
  5. Notice how the shine and shadow on her face were created using SHEER color on a large sized “brush”
  6. Notice how I used a blacker , medium “brush ” for depth and bright, crisp edges
Fashion Illustration of Carnaval 2018 Rio on Adobe Illustrator Draw app by Laura Volpintesta

6.Light and dark tones in tiny points  create sequin and sparkle effects in this fashion illustation .Fashion Illustration of Carnaval 2018 Rio on Adobe Illustrator Draw app by Laura Volpintesta

7.  colors are even brighter here when I applied an available filter in instagram for fun. Hey, follow me for daily updates and inspiration?

8. Adobe Illustrator Draw App has one very cool feature that I use a TON. Wen you draw any closed shape, (the triangles around her head for example), then hold your finger or stylus down in the middle of the sape, it will fill that whole shape with color. If the shape has any openeing in its outside edges though, it won’t work until you close them.

9. I use that tool I just mentioned above to create the solid colored background.

10. Finally, because of layers mobility, I could actually add the background color LAST by creating a humongous blue rectangle and then dragging it to the bottom layer.

Fashion Illustration of Carnaval 2018 Rio on Adobe Illustrator Draw app by Laura Volpintesta

Adobe Illustrator Draw App for Fashion Illustration

is extremely versatile and the colors make my mouth WATER!!!

Especial when I’m doing fashion sketches for Carnaval in Brazil, where the colors are so primary, bold, intense, vibrant, and sun-soaked.

I don’t want to sacrifice ANY OF THAT DELICIOUS VITAL and LIFE-GIVING COLOR!!!

it reminds me of a lyric of a song by Caetano Veloso called “O Leaozinho”.

In the song he says:

“meu coração é o sol, pai de toda cor”….


i hope you love exploring digital fashion illustration with Adobe Illustrator Draw app and many others.

Sign up if there are still spaces, you can study with me in ABOUT FACES digital fashion illustration online course.



Fashion Illustration of Carnaval 2018 Rio on Adobe Illustrator Draw app by Laura Volpintesta

3 thoughts on “Adobe Illustrator Draw App for Fashion Illustration”

  1. Lesley Wells

    Awesome tutorial, Thanks for sharing this.
    I think vector drawing is very good way of making great illustrations much faster and more efficiently.
    I love Adobe illustrator draw. I love to drawing in illustrator Draw with my XP-Pen Deco mini7 ( ) drawing pad which is compatible with Android. I love the idea of vector drawings/designs.

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