Brazilian Fashion Designers

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I love Brazilian Fashion Designers!!!

Any of you who know me already know about my big romance with Brazil.

Music, fashion, craft, culture, history, legend, cuisine, everything…… there is so much that Brazilian culture has added to my experience of life in this world, I can’t even BEGIN to start talking about it.

Watch the video below to dive in with me!

…. in this blog post, I begin talking with you about Brazilian Fashion Designers.  I’ll point out details, insights, things you may never have noticed. You’ll also catch some of the chat where viewers talk about the designs, too.

On a recent livestream on, I pick up my favorite Brazilian Fashion Magazine, FFW Mag.

Incredibly enough, you can just peruse issues of the magazine all by yourself on this AMAZING website called, choosing any issue you want. It’s really amazing!!!

If you look at just a few pages, you will feel the difference in colors and patterns, energy and feeling in fashion. And of course, Brazil has many, many, many voices, not just the one you’ll see in this magazine, but in today’s VIDEO, I will at least begin to share.

Here, I’ll pick up an issue of FFW and you can sit and peruse with me over the pages as I show you some key Brazilian Fashion Designers and get my commentary… just as if we were sitting together at a table at Parsons or something and I was showing you everything that I thought was important and interesting in the clothes, the details, and what to pay attention to.

Some of the major things that I look to/ for in Brazilian fashion are:

  • asymmetry
  • craft traditions: handmade laces, embroidery, beading, handpainting
  • one of a kind and unique details
  • incredibly dynamic prints and patterns
  • African, European, and Idigenous Brazilian references
  • cutouts and off the shoulder :0)
  • highly skilled dressmaking/ couture work
  • curves and a variety of body types and races all mixed together

You will definitely enjoy this video chat! Let’s go!

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Many Brazilian Fashion Designers are featured in  my book, The Language of Fashion Design…one was a former student of mine at Parsons, Fernanda Yamamoto. She is a FANTASTIC Japanese-Brazilian designer who is so innovative. When she returned to Brazil and before going out with her own major label, she sent me some look books from her position at Alexandre Herchcovitch.

Here are two illustrations I did of looks by Brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch from those look books a few years ago using gouache and pencils.

Other designers in my book who you will also see in this magazine are:

among many, many other incredibly talented and inspiring Brazilian fashion designers.

Brazilian Fashion Designers: Dress by Alexandre Herchcovitch SS07 Illustrated by Laura Volpintesta Fashion Illustration Tribe 2013Brazilian Fashion Designers: Alexandre Herchovitch SS07 dress illustrated by Laura Volpintesta

Always remember –Great art and design is made with GREAT LOVE!


Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustation Tribe

15 week fashion sketching self-study



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