Brazilian Fashion Designers and Fashion Weeks

I love Brazilian Fashion!!

Hello Fashion Tribalistas!

There’s a lot I’d like to add to this post in the upcoming week, but I’m totally swamped with my Parsons classes wrapping up and a HUMUNGOUS presentation that I’m working up for a designer including full color illustrations and flats for all of the looks for the collection she’s designing.

However, I’d like to share with you my latest blog post for my publisher, Rockport.  I just want to thank Rockport again for the tremendous opportunity and support in writing and researching my first volume about fashion. I can’t wait to do that again! It totally renewed my love for the subject!!!

The website is called RockPaperInk and my column is called Fashion: Global Voices.

This week I chose to review looks from Rio and Sao Paulo as well as Minas’ fashion weeks that just wrapped up showing for Autumn Winter 2014.

Each designer features a link below their photo to the runway video of their collection if you’d like to learn more.

I couldn’t bear to choose, there are so many great voices in Brazil, (and so many of them not even featured in the fashion weeks) but this will introduce you to some.

My favorite: Ronaldo Fraga, as you know, and Fernanda Yamamoto, a former student, who i adore.  And Alexandre Herchcovitch…uh-oh, don’t get me started! SCROLL DOWN to view the gallery!

here’s the link to my book on Amazon by the same publisher.

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ps below you’ll see more designers who were NOT FEATURED in that article to save space.


I always love the backstage images best :0)))))  Don’t you?


Alexandre Herchcovitch ready to wear,
Alexandre Herchcovitch ready to wear, A/W 2014
Patricia Vieira's hand painted/drawn leathers in Rio de Janeiro
Patricia Vieira’s hand painted/drawn leathers in Rio de Janeiro A/W 2014
Juliana Jabour duo
Juliana Jabour duo A/W 2014
Andrea Marques
Andrea Marques A/W 2014


Victor Dzenk
Victor Dzenk A/W 2014


Amapô A/W2014


Pedro Lourenço
Pedro Lourenço A/w 2014


Forum A/W 2014


Tufi Duek a/w2014
Tufi Duek a/w2014




2 thoughts on “Brazilian Fashion Designers and Fashion Weeks”

  1. I love that you’ve contributed to this conversation!! Sharing your experience, voice and perspective.
    Diversity is bodies, aesthetics, cultures, and thoughts and beliefs and more, yes…..let’s accept outselves and others to live our truth and hear and see one another- this is diversity to me.
    It’s interesting about the vertical lines… there are always people and cultures would rather look wider than taller,or wider in certain areas,
    and that will always benefit from horizontal emphasis….. I love watching everthing I was taught growing up in my culture be turned upside down on its head–
    truly our perception is so influencible and how fascinating is that.
    The more beauty we can see and experience, the better- it’s love.
    PS i’d love to know more and more about your work! I started working in a costume shop in fittings and stitching a year before the pandemic
    and really loved the people and the environment, it felt very, very different than the”fashion industry”! again,thank you so much for sharing
    your unique and valuable voice … sharing is diversity. I love it. To me, body acceptance…. represents so many kinds of acceptances that
    are healing. Emotional acceptance. Self acceptance. It’s the most gorgeous revolution there could be. Acceptance, allowance, healing.

  2. As a costume designer at Disney World we use fairly realistic proportions to represent our diverse cast. True, we do costume some tall thin people too, performers and operational cast, and I believe design goes a long way in emphasizing vertical lines and not horizontal “lines” because it is our job ,as much as possible, to flatter a multitude of figure types. Fashion tens to be able to “pick and choose” what model types they prefer to target. When I see that changing on an industrial level, I will be happy that the “ standard of beauty” has become diverse. Diversity is not merely an ethnicity focus, but a whole body acceptance. Issue.

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