Fashion Illustration and Drawing Exercises

fabric form and flow eveningwear design course laura volpintesta

Eveningwear Illustration

Eveningwear Illustration: Form and Flow Fashion Design Illustration Online course is here!…. In my 20 years teaching  fashion design and fashion illustration, I always found two major kinds of fashion students. Some of you  like to design ready-to-wear, or street clothes, athletic, outerwear, weekend wear, casual, “ladies-who-lunch”, whatever…. AND THERE ARE THOSE WHO LOVE DESIGNING and …

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Sketchbook Fashion Art Challenge- grab your journal!

Ready for a Sketchbook Fashion Art Challenge? Ready for a sketchbook fashion art challenge on instagram and social media? #bulletjournalselfiechallenge (Yeah, I know it’s a long hashtag, but with a name like VOLPINTESTA, long is kinda my thing…!) HERE”S THE LINK TO MY VIDEO/ ARTICLE ON HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR ART TO SHARE ON SOCIAL …

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profile fahion figure laura volpintesta

Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration

      Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration Here’s an example of some of my Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration. (click to view the youtube tutorial) or scroll down the page.   Everyone here knows I love paints and papers more than anything. I am convinced that every artists deserves the delicious sensory experience of getting …

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