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It’s December…..

There’s no time I’d rather be

designing sweaters and sketching

them up, (even though as fashion designers we are usually designing the season far in advance!)

There are three videos linked in this blog post, make sure you get to enjoy all three!

It’s a wonderful practice to sketch designs for winter when you are in fact looking for things to wear and changing out your closet from the summer and fall because it’s so RELEVANT.

Relevance makes design so personal and exciting!

It’s funny, deep winter (a month or two from now) is also one of my favorite times for sketching swim and summer, because for me it’s a wonderful form of escapism from the doldrums of winter.


And what could be more relevant during the HOLIDAY season than an EVENINGWEAR course?


(The KNITWEAR lessons are free on this page, but I wanted to also let you know about the EVENINGWEAR email course!)

Shine, shimmer, dramatic silhouettes and sparkle are all built into this course, so you can dream up your own art and ideas for the holiday season, straight through to the New Year’s Day when you’ll get your 5th lesson!

This week, the 5 hour Eveningwear Design Course: “FABRIC AND FLOW “is available for just $77 (1/4 the price).

When you purchase through THIS LINK today, you’ll receive a video via email every Monday for 5 weeks to jump-start your sketching, ideas, art creation and creativity in EVENINGWEAR (perfect for this time of year!)

Here’s the button:


*****ALSO Make sure you’re following me on instagram if you’dl ike to accompany me in January when I share lots of beautiful images from Carnavla season in Brazil like i do every single year! HERE’S A LINK TO A SAMPLE FROM LAST YEAR. Follow me for a whole bunch of that fun stuff in January!

Designing Sweaters and Sketching

>>>>Okay back to the topic:

I hosted 3 livestream classes this week on designing sweaters and sketching sweater-wear for the season.

I started in Video One by analyzing one of my favorite dresses.

Then we took elements of it to the drawing board, and created original sketches.

You can catch that replay here on my FB page with the direct link: https://www.facebook.com/fashionillustrationtribe/videos/1722128571154756/

Next week took those designs to the next level:

IN Video Two, Step 2

We sketched more sweater garments.

Some sketches on figures, some as flats, and then we “brought them to life” by

Sketching them on to figures

really brings it to life in a new way.

I totally fall in love with this stage!

We talk about gouache technique for your sketchbook, and color mixing, and some recommended paints. https://www.facebook.com/fashionillustrationtribe/posts/1729072523793694

Finally, VIDEO THREE, step 3, ran into a tech problem that resulted in only a timelapse, hi-speed replay.

I may re-teach that lesson anyway because then I can explain the details, but let me explain quickly what happened in this video.

My Parsons fashion design students

this week… one student IN PARTICULAR was really stressing out about “ruining her sketches” by throwing paint on them.

Now I know that fear….

And yet I know they rarely get “ruined”…that creating through the fear usually has great results!

But I do have a quick, easy way that, for creative purposes, you can quickly recolor a group to try out different ideas visually without TOUCHING your sketches!!!

For analog fashion design sketching:

You could photocopy or print photos of your line sketches and recolor them with markers or watercolor a number of new ways,

Just to get a feel for your design group and then make decisions for yourself or show them to your team.

For digital fashion design sketching:

What i did here was import my photo into a digital painting app.

I love these because I can sketch freehand and it’s totally portable.

In the video, I used Procreate app because it has a livestreaming capability (HELLO!!!!).

As well as a timelapse replay capability,, photo import capability, and great watercolors, color pastels, design markers, ink pens, and more!

(Check out my other articles and videos about digital sketching)

(and You can learn 3 fantastic and easy apps for fashion illustration in my ABOUT FACES course, check it out!)



Design Sweaters and Sketching

The coloring may seem a bit rough, but it’s thrilling to see the design concept come together

And to know that I can sketch it again and again!

My hope is that some of these lessons, insights and processes and tools will inspire you to create, express, and explore your fashion visions.

Let me know in the comments below if it was helpful, what your favorite takeaways are,

Or what you’d like to learn more about!