Digital Collage Art

Digital collage art on iPad Pro by Laura Volpintesta with Tayasui appI can’t get over the range of flavors

digital apps have to offer, from one to the next-today let’s discuss digital collage art.

EVERYONE knows how much I love Tayasui Sketches app…. for it’s beautiful user interface, utter simplicity and straightforwardness….

The organic, natural textures of this art app,

in my opinion, surpass all of the other digital drawing and digital painting apps that I’ve explored extensively.

Today I’m sharing just a small series of three pieces that I cranked out this morning, all using the same color palette.


One serious tip

For artist using iPad art apps or other digital devices to create original art with a natural, analog feel is:

Don’t think that you need to use one hundred tools and options just because the offer them.

For me, it becomes an energy leak to have a million options and it can confuse the focus of your style.

For watercolor digital collage art

Using Tayasui Sketches Pro app, I’ve selected very few tools to create with for my nude figure drawing series.

  • Brush pen for signing my workDigital collage art on iPad Pro by Laura Volpintesta with Tayasui appDigital collage art on iPad Pro by Laura Volpintesta with Tayasui appDigital collage art on iPad Pro by Laura Volpintesta with Tayasui app
  • A watercolor brush that I use full opacity and full size only for tapping the screen to get big splashy textural blobs (I’m madly in love with those!!)
  • Free-form shape tool. This tool allows me to select a “filler” (I select an uneven watercolor washy effect)
  • The shape tool means I can create a continuous line that, when finally enclosed (ending the shape where the line begins), it automatically fills with the color and texture I’ve selected.
  • I also adjust sometimes whether the filler will be opaque or sheer for different effects as you can see in today’s figure studies

Model drawing

Is something I’ve been doing since 1992 as a student and until today as a fashion illustration professor at Parsons School of Design and coach/ course creator/ teacher here at Fashion Illustration Tribe.

I so often am drawing from live models or photos, and thi series brings me so much joy as I get to create from my inner dream- world and release the realism I’ve been relying so heavily on.

Let me know what you think!

Have fun,



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