Digital Watercolor Effects on iPad Pro

Today I’m going to take you step-by-step through some digital watercolor effects on iPad Pro with Tayasui Sketches app.

There is no app I enjoy using as much as Tayasui for watercolors!

First, I select a watercolor paper that has texture for my base layer.

Tayasui is a great app because you can create such textural watercolor.

You can even use colored textured papers.In this example, I set up a blotchy sheer washy background of blue.

Next I selected a watercolored, sheer fill for the shape tool.

The shape tool allows me to create shapes and fill them.


After I laid out the figure, I add sheer shapes OVER the sheer shapes.

I always like to use the benefit of layering sheer over sheer to get darker tones. I usually use that for shading.Shaeing adds definition and contrast to the shape, as well as movement and “breaking up the shape, adding some rhythm and interest.

All of the pieces in this recent work I’ve been doing has been from imagination, not drawing from life. So the details emerge as ideas in the moment, with lots of improvisation.Finally, for fun here, you can see different elements I added:

Using the same figure, I got to add different details to the clothing and hair, and then I used the sheer and opaque yellow in the BACKGROUND for interest and to set off the silhouette.

I love these as fashion illustrations.

To learn Fashion Illustration with me, there are courses in my menu header, or private coaching with courses. ABOUT FACES digital apps for drawing and painting course, there is also MODEL MAGIC which is ALL ABOUT loosening your approach to fashion drawing and figure drawing (NOT DISTORTED fashion drawing) to be more expressive and loose.

Finally, there is the Freedom Fashion Program for design sketching, illustration, model drawing and designing collections.

I hope you enjoy trying these tools in Tayasui sketches!

Love, Laura

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