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Eveningwear Illustration

Eveningwear Illustration: Form and Flow Fashion Design Illustration Online course is here!….

In my 20 years teaching  fashion design and fashion illustration, I always found two major kinds of fashion students.

Some of you  like to design ready-to-wear, or street clothes, athletic, outerwear, weekend wear, casual, “ladies-who-lunch”, whatever….


Bridal, red-carpet, evening gowns, or even club-clothes…… single pieces or separates, but the important thing is that these clothes are EXTRA SPECIAL and some of you only see fashion in this way.  For others of you, it’s part of your mix of offerings.


Eveningwear pieces usually are shiny, or textured, or beaded, or feature extra-interesting fabric embellishments or trims, or very sculpted shapes. They are usually as interesting for the back as they are from the front. Stuff like that!

MY EVENINGWEAR DESIGN ILLUSTRATION COURSE gives you 7 hours of instruction.

You can sign up TODAY and get started! Click below OR visit the COURSES tab in my header to see my other course offerings!

It’s called “Form and Flow”, and as usual, it isn’t a course that is purely about illustration.

Yes, it focuses on art supplies ( both digital ones and analog ones like markers, paint), because Fabric Rendering was the point of creating it.

We focus on illustration, drama, details.

But you’ll also get to explore your own designs and techniques in the adventurous spirit that Fashion Tribalistas have!

In my Eveningwear Illustration and design  course, you’ll walk with me through my biggest tips to using tools from watercolor, to iPad/andoird apps, and markers, to understand the “universal truths” about capturing textures and fabrics.

How do you show shine and bling?

What can you do to make fur or velvet come to life on paper?

Are there tips you can use to bring fabric types, silhouettes, gathers and pleats “POP” and jump off the page?

Could your sketches be better than they are now?

Yep, all of that.

fashion illustration Laura Volpintestaeveningwear illustration with Laura volpintesta

What if you could “get inside my head” and studio and learn what strategies I use to approach different shapes, textures, colors and designs?

How about if you took  those strategies yourself to YOUR practice and come up with some fresh design sketches????

Your ideas would finally be out of your head.

I created this course for you, the action -takers!

You can also ask questions and share your sketches in the private course group.

Remember that you are welcome here: all levels, styles, body types, and points of view are encouraged.


You can siign up here for limited time discount- ($450 value) for lifetime access and 4 weeks of support access to me :0) while you complete each video and assignment.

Signup now with a friend for even more fun!

Here are some samples of my evening wear sketches: THE ONES we do in the class aren’t here…. I want to surprise you. Satin, fur, feathers, velvet, taffeta, …….


eveningwear illustration course eveningwear illustration course eveningwear fashion design illustration course


eveningwear fashion design illustration course eveningwear illustration with Laura Volpintesta


eveningwear illustration with Laura Volpintesta

WE’LL also explore fashion informal sketching

and exploration versus final illustrations, to work out your original ideas. Informal sketches like the ones below help you get your ideas out quickly so you can capture ideas before they disappear!

Remember that this evening wear module can be a part of my COMPLETE program that takes you from beginner model drawing to designing swimwear, summer collection, winter and evening wear collections to build your portfolio. When you sign up for Freedom Fashion Program, you get the eveningwear illustration course as part of the whole package.

All of my courses are inspired by my students for 20 years at Parsons School of Design in NYC where I’m an assistant professor of Fashion and creator of their very first online fashion studio course!

Let’s get down to business and pleasure! Let’s start fashion sketching and getting ideas out of our heads and on to the page!

Sign up today to dive right in.

Comment below and let me know what is your struggle with fashion sketching? Where do you get stuck, and what would you  like to learn?

I’m here to help– I’ll see you there!

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