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Fundamentos del Diseño de Moda Laura Volpintesta I’M HERE TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY


Remember my lil old book?  (you can order it here)

Well, it’s growing and traveling!!!!!!

the language of fashion design laura volpintesta

I am celebrating big happy news with you all today as I have found all of the translations of my book online last week and want to show you the different covers and share them with you!

In February 2011, after leaving my Full Time Faculty position at Parsons the New School for Design under duress (when I got a new boss and a new baby at the same time….has that happened to any of you here?)…I prayed and prayed for work I could do from home, as a single mom of now 3.

So when Rockport invited me to write the Language of Fashion Design for their new “Language of”  Design book series, I said:


Despite my fears about whether I could write a great book.

Half written while nursing my little Angelina, ( 6 1/2 years old at the time of this article) and before launching my own business (Fashion Illustration Tribe online fashion program) it was truly an epic journey in so many ways that I am still just beginning to talk about with you all.

But first things first: let’s see the covers of the book in different languages!!!!!

( I also co-authored and illustrated this book: )

the FashionDesign Reference and Specification book by Jay Calderin and Laura Volpintesta








Les Fondamentaux du Design de Mode by Laura Volpintesta en Français

The Language of Fashion Design by Laura Volpintesta Les Fondamentaux du Design de Mode

Chinese Language Edition of The Language of Fashion Design: 26 Principles Every Designer Should Know by yours truly!!! ( I can’t read my name on this one!!)


时尚的设计语言 laura volpintesta The Language of Fashion Design by Laura Volpintesta Chinese Language Edition


Fundamentos del Diseño de Moda by Laura Volpintesta en español!



Fundamentos del Diseño de Moda Laura Volpintesta

Russian Language Edition of the Language of Fashion Design:

язык дизайна одежды Лоройj

язык дизайна одежды Лорой

You just never, ever know what is possible.

Now, the interesting detail is that I only got paid to write the book, not for the editions.

So please help share the work about my work and my program, It’s my family business and I love to watch fashion designers unfold from beginner to magic-maker and more.

Much love to you all as always!


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