Fashion Illustration and Designing with Gouache- Masterclass Replay

I loved this masterclass. ( expires midnight Monday!) I love the conversations we had and the dress we created. I loved your questions, your curiosities, and your spirits in the room!

It is amazing what we do when we come together and bring our inspiration with us.

Today we’ll talk a LOT about gouache , what it is, how to use it, what papers it likes, what brands are great,etc.

We;l also get right into it- sketching a fashion firgure and then designing an original romper right onto her body.

We;ll bring her to life with color using gouache techniques. 

BUT WE WONT FINIISH HER because THURSDAY NIGHT in the facebook group and biz page I’ll / WE”LL finish her by adding textures, pattern, shading and finishing touches. 

I know you won’t want to miss that, inspired creative one!

Will you join us?

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NOW IS YOUR TIME TO UNFURL YOUR WINGS and go inside to discover what you want to bring out, and how.

I KNOW KNOW KNOW you can and i’m here to serve and to help.

Let’s go baby!

love you!


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