Fashion Illustration Art supplies

Fashion Illustration Art Supplies!!!

Grab your fashion illustration art supplies! Time to illustrate! It’s a new day…. one more opportunity to share your wonderfulness with everyone you come in contact with.  Share your sunshine…giving is receiving. Let’s go get sketching.

Today’s reminder is: TURN UP SOME GOOD TUNES WHEN YOU DRAW!!!!

What I wanted to talk about today is fashion illustration art supplies.

In my 20 years teaching at Parsons School of Design in NYC, I only used gouache, pencils, ink pens and oil pastels in my fashion design and illustration/ fashion model drawing classes.

I’ve opened up in the past few years to markers and digital art, but always with the goal of capturing the same richness that gouache creates. There’s a QUALITY and richness to it.

My  Utrecht art supply cart for my fashion design and illustration classes  can be accessed at this link for mail order.  The cart is adjustable- you can add or subtract items from the list. It may be an interesting read for you.

There are lots of different levels of prices and supplies for fashion illustration art supplies.  You can go to the Utrecht Cart here or to the other link for smaller paper, to pick and choose what you want to use.

Basically you should get Woodless Graphite, a set of Prismacolor Color Pencils, Gouache or Opaque Watercolors, a round, pointed watercolor brush size 8 for general use, and sketch paper.  Bristol is for “finished” work and takes the wet media better.  That’s your basic set and you can tick off what you want on the supply cart. Ah, and don’t forget a roll of 1″ masking tape.

but I’ve listed specifics in the art supply link at Utrecht.

Fashion Illustration Art Supplies

I also love transparent 2×18 inch rulers for making proportion grids, you can find them at Staples, Micheals, and art, design,craft,  and drafting supply shops. They are clear with a red grid all over them. They are in the kit too.

Whenever I can, I will recommend more affordable options as well as top-of-the-line options for fashion Illustration supplies and tools.


Fashion Illustration Art Supplies

Digital Ipad/ table apps for drawing and painting:


Gouache/ Designer Gouache:

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learn fashion illustration and fashion design with Laura Volpintesta online

Prismacolor Colored Pencils:

Ebony Pencil:

Ebony Pencil or woodless graphite: fashion art supplies for design and illustration

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Tempera Paint, Ebony pencil

The images you saw above, I’ll have you know, I illustrated using great paper (though it’s Drawing paper, not recommended for painting). Sometimes I use the lesser quality paper so that I know I can afford to just “throw it away” if i don’t like it.   Sometimes super-pricey fashion art supplies make me freeze up!!!


it’s really important, I believe, to sketch in pencils and experiment with watercolors, markers, paint, any chance you get. Even if you decide to go digital someday, you’ve got to have the tactile feeling of paper and pigment internalized so you can really keep the textures in your work.

But you HAVE TO KNOW that there are apps in your phone and iPad now (or tablet) that carry a FULL range of papers, ink pens, brush tip and chisel tip markers, crayons, colored pencils, acrylic paints, watercolors and more… it’s AMAZING! No waste, no toxicity…. just fun and loads options. I teach you all my favorites in my ABOUT FACES online course.

I just remembered something I ALWAYS tell my students:

“If you aren’t comfortable while you’re creating/drawing fashion models, they can’t POSSIBLY look comfortable in your drawing”-Laura Volpintesta

Yes, it’s true.  You have to set up a drawing or painting workspace or position that is absolutely comfortable and ergonomic for you.

(I’ll talk more about that in my ONLINE INTENSIVE course as well).

Ironically, being more relaxed (this is true for everyone) makes it come out great, and then I don’t have to throw it out, after all :0) haha!

Skin uses white, red, blue, yellow and some black too depending. It’s a process of mixing till you like it. Red gives the healthy complexion. Blue “cools it down”. Yellow and white give a basic skin vibe.  Mix, mix, mix till you like.

Enjoy enjoy…. I love you all so much!!! I’m so GLAD YOU”RE here!

Comment below and share the goodness with your friends!


i’d love to help.

xo, Laura

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Learn fashion illustration and design online with Laura Volpintesta

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