Fashion Sketch Apps

Fashion Sketch Apps I recommend

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1. Imagink/ RePaper by ISKN 

Imagink (now RePaper) is one of the apps I rely on for fashion sketching. It doesn’t have what someother apps do, (see this article 3 Best Fashion  Apps for Fashion Illustration).

But I recommend it, of course becuase it has things that other apps don’t! Here’s why I love this Fashion Sketch APP;

  1. it has lovely papaer colors and textures, particularly the “rice paper” that I sketched this design on! It also comes in white and charcoal colored rice paper. So luscious!
  2. there  are a limited number of tools and the interface is simple and straightforward, which I think is REALLY important! There is no watercolor tool, so I use the “pastel” for all of my “painting” which you can see in the illustration above.
  3. For line work I use the pencil ( I love that I can choose a #6B soft, dark pencil just like I would in real life!) You can also adjust the thickness or thinnes, Opacity or sheerness, of the pencil and any color in the world you want. 
  4. Colored pencils are great for rendering your prints and patterns or drawing and coloring.
  5. Fine Marker is in there too for line work, and you can make it larger tip and sheered if you want more of a magric marker coloring effect. 
I also used Imagink for this Fashion Sketch app below:

2. Pret a template app

I’m  including the Pret a Template fashion sketch app because not EVERYONE wants to sketch anything/ everything FREEHAND. Pret a Template has a wonderful collection of Croquis templates that you can use. 
There are different sizes and styles of figures that you can pull into OTHER drawing apps to sketch fashion. Pret a Template DOES have its own sketching tools inside their app, but (you can check out the video below) even as a very experienced fashion designer and illustrator I’ve found Pret-a-templates tools really difficult to use.
But I totally recommend their templates to anyone who wants tempates! They even have templates for shoes, bags, etc. I recommend it to everyon!
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3. Procreate app

I love a fashion sketch app wtih very simple easy toolbars. For me, Procreate doesn’t give me that. I think it’s not recommendable for beginners as much as teh NEXT app I’m going to show you, but it’s good to play around with sometimes.

Procreate app is  livestream-able (***VERY SAD UPDATE: NOT ANYMORE !! THEY TOOK THAT AWAY***) , gives me timelapse videos exports too, and works wtih so many formats – everyone loves Procreate, but I don’t recommend it for beginners. Here’s an example of the results you can get sketching with Procreate as a fashion sketch app! 

Fashion Design ILlustration Course Online with Laura Volpintesta
Procreate Fashion sketch apps

4. Tayasui Sketches app

Speaking personally, as a fashion designer and illustrator who dug through a pile of apps to find ONE that was user friendly, intuitive, and really felt like real art supplies,…...TAYASUI SKETCHES APP IS THE ONE!!!
I couldn’t possibl recommend more highly an app for learning and creating fashion illustrations, especially ones that look and feel like watercolors and pencils or markers.

5. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

This is another techy -feeling fashion sketch app. You can access endless art supplies. My favorte illustrator who uses this for incredible art is the inimitable VG WAYMER.

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro is a fun fashion sketch app with a particularly fun feature built in: COPIC COLORS! Every copic marker color is included inside the app so you can choose from the marker colors instead of using the traditional  colorpicker. I’ll share a sample below.

Here is a little video below about the Copic Marker Colors and how that works for a fashion sketch app!

Last but not Least

6. Adobe Illustrator Draw (now Adobe Fresco app)

First thing you need to know: you do not have to pay more than 4.99 for this app! You do need an adoble ID to use it but the Adobe ID is FREE you do not have to have illustrator or creative cloud or anything.

Most of what I’ve done this year, I’ve done (2018) using Adobe Draw/ Adobe Fresco as my fashion sketch app. And I tell you , that is a whole other topic…. 

I used to think it was not  a useful app…. now I know it’s WONDERFUL! It takes some time to get used to these things!

Adobe Fresco app Fashion Sketch apps Laura Vlpintesta

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