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Is Back- to- fashion-school for you?- Fashion Coaching that you pace to your schedule, from home?

Its that time of year again!

Thank you for participating and spreading the word about our summer sales!❤️❤️🎈Now it’s coming up to time to make a back to school commitment for SOME of us– DETAILS IN THIS EMAIL– including 💥FREE complete ART SUPPLY KIT 💥for Continental US students who register before September 1 2017!!!

I have new free youtube videos for everyone too in case you’ve missed some of the new releases!

They’re digital, but FREEDOM FASHION COACHING is a watercolor- and- graphite journey.

If you’d rather take the journey in digital (ipad or tablet), then just “warm up” by taking the first module of the digital ABOUT FACES course as an orientation.

It’s free as a bonus for this Fall’s registrants…

First–New 3 YOUTUBE Videos for you:

💥Naomi and Kate in (digital) watercolors

💥original design sketching on (image at left)iPad: 3


💥newly narrated model drawing active fashion pose:

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Now the details:

So i’m really happy to present 12 slots for group coaching this fall!!!

It’s time!!!
It’s September approaching and the doors are opening for FREEDOM FASHION COACHING.


DO YOU want to learn art supplies and techniques!?
DO YOU want to learn model drawing for all sizes and shapes for fashion?
Do you want to experience adventure, explore i nside yourself and express it in the world visually?

DO YOU love people, craft , design, and culture ?

Are you passionate about connection, celebration, beauty and diverse perspectives?

Are you serious enough that you want to commit to take yourself to the next level , and playful, curious and kind enough to try new things, take risks that bring you new results and give you an edge?

Do you KNOW you have so much to say, but feel you do not have the language???

2017-2018 coaching year offers

1. the 16 week design and illustration semester
2. Private community
3. 8 30minute coaching sessions with me via skype
4. Group and email support with Laura
5. A samba lesson or two 😍😍😆

Topics take you through an entire semester of the courses I teach on the university level since 1997 at Parsons School of Design, in a humane, woman centered, ethical fashion approach where learning skills to true creative expression in fashion design and illustration are at the FORE.

You are guided intentionally through the course program through a series of lessons, projects and exercises.

Why???? To give you experience, skill, and find your visual voice as well as design voice and what you want to say- YOUR MESSAGE.

It’s a life journey.

This fall’s promotion gives you more—-

When you enroll THIS WEEK before September 1, also get full access to

1. Patternmaking and Draping course (GOLD!!)
2. Digital drawing for devices course
3. Winter and Autumn PLUS knitwear course
4. Eveningwear design and illustration course

While i suggest you focus entirely on the 16 week course FIRST,

you are free to dive in and out of the other courses throughout the year– this depends on your commitments and schedule/ lifestyle needs at this time!

During our coaching sessions, i’ll help guide you to customize your learning experiemce and point you to the lessons that will benefit you most, tailored for you.

The good thing is, my philosophy is to support WOMEN in a way i didn’t see the university did.
Fashion needs your voice. And you need to express your magnificence.

Join or learn more here

Remember that you can pace yourself.

You can log in and access lessons at ANY TIME

I AM HERE FOR YOU my coaching clients are my top priority, especially through the first 6 months when you are getting your foundation skills and first collections SOLID!

Remember that your 8 Skype sessions with me can be acheduled at any time. 24 hours required to cancel or you may revoke your appointment

There will be group coaching calls and group support in the class too, plus guest speakers and replays!

This full package literally gives you all of the tools to make a well rounded fashion portfolio.

(Portfolio coaching, one on one, and group, will be discussed later this year if you are interested to move forward to create your official book!)

I remember learning these tools for the first time and how exhilarating it was.
That’s part of why I am so excited to offer this and work with you.

I’ve offered self-studies over the past year and am so happy to be able to take on a limited number of COACHING students this fall among my other teaching and projects.

💥Will you be one of them??💥

As soon as you sign up, you can access your materials and get started– even book your first session with me as soon as you hit your first questions OR before you even start, to get oriented.

Finally, if you are in the Continental UNITED STATES, your art supplies are included FREE with tuition.
BUT ONLY THIS WEEK.! That’s over a $200 value!!

I hope to be meeting you very soon in this very special program.

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below!

Creatively and kindly,

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and ENJOY these gifts for fashion design creativity !
  • get "BUILDING the FASHION FIGURE" video model drawing lesson with Laura- for all body types

  • PDF EBOOK: "100 Fashion Design Inspiration Prompts" inspires,  includes Croquis sketching templates so you'll have figures to draw your ideas onto right away

  • START using the tools to CREATE!!!!  This is where YOU begin and the magic flows. 

We honor your mailbox and keep it safe!