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fashion design school

fashion design school

‘”Meet the teacher”. Laura Volpintesta, above.

“To find a teacher in the arts who offers up everything they know and more, and whose sole purpose is to see you ‘fly’- … is extremely rare. Laura is one of those teachers. She set us up for success in so many ways.  Generosity, creativity, and encouragement– plus a solid foundation in basic art– were all part of her teaching. I created some of my best work in her Fashion Drawing 1 class and still rely on many of the techniques.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have been her student.”  -J.Heloise, Fashion Designer, teacher, and Illustrator.


 online fashion design school !


But first,

 Who am I? Who are you? What is Freedom Fashion Program about?


….means you are not restrained by unrealistic body proportions or other rules that don’t make sense.

…means you are supported and guided, not dictated to, to create and express your unique ideas and style.

…study on your lifestyle pace

….grow a body of work, sketches, collections, color illustrations (portfolio)

evolve your style and your voice, try new materials and techniques to break out of your rut

ask questions, give and get feedback in a private group

…means you get the benefit of my experience as a Fashion Designer, Fashion Design student, Fashion Author, and Professor of Fashion Design for 20 years at Parsons the New School for Design in NYC (I created their first online fashion studio course in 2008)

I’ve worked with hundreds of students and many of them beginners.

I was drawn to fashion in the late 80’s with a deep love for design, fabric, body language, craft and detail… as well as a strong call to see more diversity  in fashion.

 I wanted fashion media to spread positive messages about women and culture, arts and our bodies.  While fashion school actually put this vision on to the backburner, it called to me all along.

By the mid nineties I was teaching at the same school I graduated from : Parsons School of Design in NYC/ Paris, and I”ve been teaching there ever since as well as having a private design studio and freelancing in various studios in positions from Fit Tech to Designer to Samplemaker to Illustrator, a variety that I love.

Is fashion calling you to become the artist and designer that you can be?… to find out what you have inside and bring it out on to paper, fabric?

 I had no idea when I started my fashion studies that I was going to find that it was the artist and craftsman inside me that called me there.

Release your fears, hone your skills, get encouraged, MAKE ART and FASHION, find your voice, own your experience, take it forward.

You can learn about me via instagram, too!

Just scroll through!

Visit the website: FashionIllustrationTRIBE to download free tools right away, such as croquis templates, the “100 Fashion Designs” PDF ebook, “Sketching design details” 30 page PDF guidebook /workbook and model drawing video).

online fashion design school

online fashion design school

I founded Freedom Fashion

after I had a baby after 17 years teaching at Parsons. I didn’t feel supported at all by my employer. I was laid off in 20011…I was saddened and then inspired: I decided that if the fashion industry  was going to be full of women (my students were 97 percent female all those years), that they may as well teach and learn in a way that truly supported women…

and that maybe that way we would see change THROUGHOUT the industry and how fashion happens, in a way that truly serves and delights us!

I teach vibrant, quality fashion design and illustration wtihout teaching distorted bodies.  We are focused on positive creativity, growth, skill, and curosity. You see, when you have real art skills, you can create beautiful fashion art without relying on  long legs or other gimmicks to make it look eye-catching or beautiful.

online fashion design school registration cart open


  • -You fear you can’t draw or paint, —–but you have so many beautiful and amazing ideas. (we go deep into art skills and model drawing, fabric rendering, collection design)
  • -You think you will absolutely bust if you wait one more day to finally take control and get the skills other creatives are learning in the best fashion schools.
  • -You are ready to tap into your love for art and fashion and design full-force.
  • -You want to explore art supplies and techniques in an entirely new way and see RESULTS!
  • – You want to know that you are learning things for a reason, in a specific order, for a specific outcome: to design and illustrate fashion with unique style, confidence and experience.
  • -You can’t wait to meet your unique ideas and expressions on paper, and learn what students in top fashion schools are learning, from  your own home.

Working with me,  you can learn to:

  • Sketch bodies/ models with fluidity and movement for all body types.

  • Work pencils, ink pens and gouache/ watercolors, experiment and gain experience.  (right now you’ll get the digital illustration course also, for free as a BONUS)

  • Understand how to match fabric colors to paint colors for a smart portofolio.

  • Render fabric patterns, textures and prints with expression and accuracy.

  • Create and illustrate design stories for fashion careers or for the sheer pleasure of the ART of fashion.

  • Explore sketchbook techniques (quick sketches) as well as final illustrations.

  • Learn to discuss fabrics, styles, artwork and garment details.

  • Learn to talk about your process and point of view with other students/designers.

  • Develop your own style in a cozy creative positive community of fellow learners.

  • Create mood boards and fabric boards for different themes and occasions.

  • Quick sketch in your croquis book, edit, then illustrate your final choices

  • Basic fashion flats: designing individual pieces that work together to make a collection

  • Drawing gathers, pleats, collars, sleeves, closures, seams, stitching, and other fine details.

  • Putting together a portfolio that shows you off!

online fashion design program registration open

And now:


Includes the following BONUS COURSES and digital drawing option integration to create an even  broader, richer, well-rounded portfolio.

And If you prefer to work on iPad or Tablet instead of analog paint art supplies, you can get a free digital orientation to digital painting through BONUS membership to ABOUT FACES digital fashion drawing course INCLUDED FREE with your membership tuition!

online fashion design school fashion illustration

5 OTHER BONUSES: (right now, in addition to your 16 week semester course)

  • Evening wear course (add THAT to your portfolio)

  • Winter/autumn course (and add THAT collection to portfolio/sketchbook)

  • Knitwear course– knits have their own language and feel….(for your portfolio, of course)

  • Model Drawing intensive course MODEL MAGIC

  • ongoing upgrades with new content every year !

Benefit from my 20 years teaching at Parsons School of Design in NYC and work in the  NYC Fashion Industry, as well as as a creative artist, homeschooling mom and musician who is passionate about expression, learning ,improvisation and development!

  • YOU HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS to binge-watch videos and complete all the exercises and projects in a high energy mastermind group of other beginners  who want to dive in with both feet and get their fashion drawing and design skills to the next level.

  • You’ll need wi-fi to access your course materials

  • In-class discussion areas and email support from me.

  • feedback and encouragement from other students

  • You can ask and share at any time in the private class community.

  • 4 private 30 minute skype sessions with me  plus group calls and online live pop-up events all year!

online fashion design school

online fashion design school


Subscribe at FASHION ILLUSTRATION TRIBE to receive, TODAY, a series of first lessons and a downloadable PDF workbook for sketching design details in garments.

  • Every step of the way you are invited to share your comments and artwork in the discussion boxes where we can give and get feedback from our cozy classroom community!

  • The fashion illustration art supplies kit is not required but highly recommended. Check it out here! Purchase from the link, adjust items in the cart, or print and take to your local retailer.

  • Email Questions or


You’ll gain access to 16 modules (about an hour each of videos, plus lectures and resources links), and be guided every step to illustrating and designing your own first unique fashion collection, in watercolors, with an inspiration board, fabric swatches, and details!

Exercises, projects and demonstrations take you from beginner to……experienced and seasoned with confidence and style.

THESE ARE THE SAME LESSONS I do with my Parsons students!

The lessons intentionally take  you from beginner to deep, gradually, and making you feel at ease trying new ways to see and work with your eyes, hands, and art supplies.


  • model drawing, straight and posed figures

  • sketch and customize your croquis for different body types, including your OWN

  • professional gouache watercolor techniques

  • color mixing/ color matching your paint to your swatches

  • rendering textures and prints to scale (making your illustration look like the fabric)

  • great art supplies and how you can use them

  • technical drawing- stitching, darts, gathers, etc….

  • creative feedback community, like- minded creatives!

  • mood boards- create some!

  • color palettes- create stories with color

  • fabric swatches- basic print design – create, create!

  • design sketchbook development- develop your ideas

  • quick sketching practice in your sketchbook

  • using shading to create 3-d form

  • designing an original group of clothes

  • illustrating your collection

  • presenting your sketches

  • ask questions! give and get feedback!

online fashion design school

Once you  “graduate”,  the next Mastermind Creative Group can go on to finalize design their FASHION PORTFOLIOS….. sketching and designing 5 collections over a 15 week period, with weekly check-ins with me to guide and support in a level two class!

For my website homepage, click here!

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Laura Volpintesta

Author, the Language of Fashion Design, Rockport Publishers (available in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and French!) instructor. Check out my Craftsy class!

Faculty, Parsons Fashion, since 1997, Patternmaking, Draping, Portfolio, Model Drawing, Design, Sewing

Online Fashion Course Instructor/ creator since 2008, Parsons.

Founder, Mentor, since 2013

Fashion Tribalistas Facebook Group for sharing, asking, giving… resources and encouragement!- though you’ll get plenty of that right here.


Collect and create fabric stories

Learn Model sketching — All body types encouraged and preferred!

Learn and practice creative fashion illustration with gouache and pencils: match colors, patterns and textures to your fabric. All body types encouraged, extreme and distorted, not supported!

Design your own groups of clothing in your sketchbook,  and present them with lively creative sketches.

Technical drawing and flats:

Get my favorite tips about drawing and sketching and seeing/drawing details in clothing- tips I use all the time in my own practice!

Check out my Craftsy course trailer here.

SUBSCRIBE at our website  free downloadable sketchbook/guidebookfor design sketching flats, a video, PDF design inspiration guide,

and so much more!


“I have nothing but good things to say about your portfolio class. You helped me in many ways but one of the most valuable holes you filled for me was on how to organize my thoughts when sketching. Its difficult to harness the muse in any kind of orderly way but your method has served me well. Both in that I came out of Parson’s with a strong portfolio that is single handedly responsible for landing me interviews …but has also cinched the position at two different design firms now… Your drawing and the Portfolio are some of the most valuable things I got from Parsons as a whole. So thanks a bunch. You revved up my engine and Im still travelling on that momentum”- Lauren Jones, Fashion Designer

Laura, your class really inspired me to do all I’m doing. Up to date it was my most valuable class.  I’m so glad to reconnect with you as you inspire me so much! I still reference all my drawings from your class!! Lol, I’m even thinking of signing up for your new classes myself…Selina Sutherland, fashion designer

“The videos are so helpful!…And, I was just thinking how lucky I am to be gleaning all of these insights with kids asleep in bed from the comfort of my home”- M.D, Canada

“Teaching isn’t just skill….Laura, your personality makes me feel like I can do anything. I’ve never done this before, and I’ve amazed myself!”-T.R., Australia

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and ENJOY these gifts for fashion design creativity !
  • get "BUILDING the FASHION FIGURE" video model drawing lesson with Laura- for all body types

  • PDF EBOOK: "100 Fashion Design Inspiration Prompts" inspires,  includes Croquis sketching templates so you'll have figures to draw your ideas onto right away

  • START using the tools to CREATE!!!!  This is where YOU begin and the magic flows. 

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