Model Drawing on the iPad

Figure drawing is a world that many don’t understand,

I sure didn’t, until it was THRUST upon me as a first year Foundation at Parsons School of Design in 1991.

Actually, I was so inexperienced in drawing, that I was admitted to the program under the “condition” that I would take a 5 week summer program in Drawing.




I didn’t NOT know what I was in for!!!!

After four years of study at Parsons, I can easilhy say that that program was the most powerful course of study or transformation I’ve ever experienced in my career at Parsons.

It’s something I talk a lot about in my MODEL MAGIC online digital course program.

It’s something I want to offer to you and to everyone.

What’s “Model Drawing” about?

Model drawing isn’t just drawing people.

It can be focused on that. They can be nude, they can be clothed, like for fashion drawing/fashion illustration courses, or they can be in leotard so you can see the integrity of the body without obstructions that mask the body (LIKE CLOTHES).


The real MAGIC of Model Drawing is (and I’ll explain below the photos)






I’ll explain, each one of these, but first let me just say that analog art supplies is what Model Magic course is all about, but today I’m sharing iPad model drawing examples.

The beauty of using the iPad for art ..(Like I teach in my ABOUT FACES online course) is that you can experiment a LOT on the page without ruining your paper. You can try different colors and effects in your process, and UNDO the ones you don’t like, and even capture different steps in your process and download and keep them! (See the images below)

Model Drawing Online courseModel Drawing ONline CourseModel drawing online courseModel Drawing Online Course


Model drawing is less about the model NECESSARILY,

(I mean yes about the model and how it looks and feels to you and what story you are moved to tell about them, but…)

EXPLORATIONS is you exploring HOW YOU FEEL about what you see.

EXPLORING different energies and ways of interpreting what you see.


Push the edges of them during your model drawing sessions.


with your art supplies.

Experiment with your voice.

Experiment with different papers and approaches.

Experiment with different mindset and EXERCISES.


each Model Drawing exercise is a “lens”.

A “modus Operandi”.

Model Drawing EXERCISES denotes just that…..

it’s not a big heavy finished product that you have to get all scared and worried and pressured about, it’s simply an EXPERIENCE.


how timid and awkward we may feel in the beginning, stepping into something new.

Be gentle with yourself!!! Of COURSE you feel a little awkward!

You are trying completely new things!

You are using muscles and neuropathways you never used before.


When you start to study model drawing, you gain…


You no longer gasp with anxiety and the unknown.

There is alway a thrill of the unknown and curiosity and adventure, but

… like riding a bicycle, once you have the trust and familiarity with

“The lay of the land”, you get the confidence to heighten your



Is when you get BEYOND the basic “how to” and “this is this, that is that”
After you get past that basic orientation to tools and forms,
You elevate into EXPRESSION….
It doesn’t take a lot of effort, it’s inevitable.
You start to feel EXPRESSED,
You start to notice your sense of “style”
You notice what you like
You UN-BLOCK the energy that used to be/ feel “stuffed inside” and you start to experience this exhilarating movement of life energy through you in a way that is your unique fingerprint, and also universal at the same time.

There is nothing better than the feeling of moving, expressed energy.


Model Drawing is something usually done with live models within a time frame, so there is a sense of vital energy and urgency to capture what you see and feel in REAL TIME.

Talk about “mindfulness”, being present, the “power of now”, and practicing non-judgment!!!!

These energetic experiences are life changing and self-empowering, liberating and healthy.

Also, working under time constraints rather than laboring over a drawing for a long time, defininitely builds “visible”, palpable energy into your drawings that gives them LIFE FORCE rather than static, heavy, stationary energy.


YOU ARE NEVER DONE with Model Drawing.

It’s a lifetime practice, like yoga or the way you live your life.

It’s a way you inhabit the world!

Model drawing, every time you come to it, every time you use these exercises,

Art supplies, mind-sets and formats again, you’re going to find yourself at a new level.

Every time.


I’m so excited to invite you on this adventure in MODEL MAGIC online course.

Learn more here



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