MODEL MAGIC: Model Drawing Bootcamp

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and ENJOY these gifts for fashion design creativity !
  • get "BUILDING the FASHION FIGURE" video model drawing lesson with Laura- for all body types

  • PDF EBOOK: "100 Fashion Design Inspiration Prompts" inspires,  includes Croquis sketching templates so you'll have figures to draw your ideas onto right away

  • START using the tools to CREATE!!!!  This is where YOU begin and the magic flows. 

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MODEL MAGIC (scroll down for intro video)

14 Daily lessons — or weekly lessons, or monthly— it’s up to YOU!
Digital Class

You love fashion, you want to create beautiful images and art, and YOU “CAN’T DRAW”.
My dear love, you haven’t had a chance!
You haven’t had the support,
You haven’t had any guidance or personal space to really unfold this way.

You recognize beauty, you feel it, it lives and breathes inside you and it feels like an accident that you can’t access it to make your own creations.

But hon, you can.

You need to start where you’re at.
You’re in good hands.
I was someone who doodled shapes her whole life

and couldn’t “draw” things that I wanted to, like realistic things or anything.


You’ll get a new drawing exercise every day in your email for two weeks.
Try each one.
I guarantee you will learn to see and draw in new ways and find yourself at a whole other level drawing figures.

And I’ll be there in the course area answering your questions and helping you get the results you want.

(You’ll be taken to RUZUKU, the secure course platform that hosts all of my courses and programs since we launched in2013)


Catch the livestream replay below to learn more about my approach, and learn a few insights as to why you struggle with drawing,and specific examples of how I can help you shift, express, and get experienced seeing and drawing in new ways!

LIke many who come into my classrooms,

You may cringe when you look at your own drawings….

Forget about learning to draw figures…. you may not even know how to DRAW at ALL,

…..and that’s fine!!! EVERYONE has a starting place.

The human body can be overwhelming/ daunting to draw because there are so many moving parts,

Being hard on yourself is probably the biggest obstacle, but I’m pretty great at dispelling that energy.

We’ll start by working with the overall shape  before bothering with tiny details,

because the overall image carries all of the energy.

Probably, you never GOT A CHANCE to crush through the wall to getting your voice outside of your head and onto paper and express your beautiful ideas and videos.

You’ve been feeling hopelessly stuck about this, but

There’s hope:

1) the human form is one of the single most inspiring and beautiful expressive things you can possibly draw

2) this tremendous amount of inspiration fuels your desire to progress and get real results

3) once you have gotten a handle on the human form, you’ll be able to draw ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING with more ease and accuracy!

4) through learning figure drawing, you are really learning all kinds of drawing

5)you’ll learn  how artists and designers see their art supplies and process, which is probably different than you’ve been seeing it

6) you’ll change the way you see yourself in relation to art and design

7) you’ll change your beliefs about how art is made

8) you’ll get new insights and exercises EVERY SINGLE  DAY for one week

And fashion drawing is about feeling, style and skill, it is NOT about distorting the body to have extra-long-everything.

It’s about line, proportion, dynamics, composition, form, shadow, texture, light, feeling, movement, ideas, structure, angles, curves………
Are those words even frightening?
I’m saying that because I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!

So join us for bite sized exercises—  two weeks of emails to become EXPERIENCED
To make your discoveries
And shine.

***THIS COURSE will focus on figure drawing leotard models  and drawing exercises, not focusing on details in the clothing***

I think getting to know the figure well first is crucial and transformative.

I want to help you! I adore this!
I’ve been teaching for 20 years and I KNOW you have this in you.


Q: what’s the format?

Sign up in the Ruzuku platform. Each day you’ll get an email notice so you can link right in to the new daily video exercise, beginning on September 20 (the day after my BIRTHDAY!)

Q:  Do I need any supplies?

A simple pencil and paper can take you through the course, but i will be using and recommending other tools you can add to your kit, as well (and links to find them) . Even if you don’t have them yet or never get them, you’ll get the IDEA by seeing them in action and you can still use your pencil to do every exercise.

Q: What’s the refund policy?

I don’t offer refunds, but nobody has ever asked me for one. You will be getting killer content from day one and far outweigh this investment.  You’ll be learning top level art and design techniques for a lifetime of use, as well as taking bold strides that will deeply change the way you draw and approach art.


Start today!

THE POINT IS TO MAKE A TON OF SKETCHES and try new ways of seeing and sketching!!!!!



YOUR skills, your journey, and your experience.


(model drawing video, croquis templates and design prompt workbook PDF)

Are you new to fashion drawing?

New to drawing altogether?

New to figure drawing or fashion drawing??

IT’S OKAY!!!! I’ve taught

beginner to advanced portfolio fashion students for 20 years at Parsons in NYC>

 This is  a no-judgment, all joy zone…..

I won’t water-down the art tools and supplies that I use to create fashion drawings that jump off the page.

I won’t hold back in sharing my key techniques and tools with you.

We’ll use some traditional art supplies and I”ll show you an art app too, for fun and portablility.

I can’t help myself but to urge you to share and develop and practice and try and ask, and to help each other along, all of us….

YOU are going to learn new tools, resources

YOU are going to experiment. NOW. You are going to find a new voice inside of you , getting stronger.


We’ll get the figure drawing down as top-priority, but as in all of my classes, we will explore creative design too!!!!

I mean, why not?


I limited the time and the enrollment on this course so that YOU can get a quick, intense hit of development in your art.

I ‘m offering this so we can jump in and collectively

flood the interwebs

with self-loving fashion, model, and design explorations ….

‘Cause that’s what we do!

You don’t need fancy materials to partake.

You don’t need any special credential except an open mind and an open heart.

Let’s do this!

Ask me anything.

I’m Laura Volpintesta,

founder of Fashion Illustration Tribe, and we are just getting started……


no refunds

private course community

positive creative community

feedback and support from Laura

ANY QUESTIONS please email me, Laura  Volpintesta, at