Fabric and Inspiration Creative Process for Fashion Sketching

Fashion Fabrics for Design

Fashion Fabrics for DesignLaura Volpintesta, fashion design fabric concept boardLAURA VOLPINTESTA QUICK FASHION SKETCHES


fashion research mood and inspiration board with fabrics, Laura Volpintesta Fashion fabric research board, Laura Volpintesta

This  vlog tutorial/lecture on Fashion Fabrics takes you to the next step from my last post where we prepared a group of fashion croquis in our sketchbook in order to develop a unique concept group of dresses.  We traced the garments onto figures that we developed in earlier videos, and if you reference the photo file, it is full of fashion model images that you can sketch from to create your own figures for designing on.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the video below:

  • a method for presenting fabric swatches as an individual fabric board using double-stick tape
  • how fabric choice figures in to your design process
  • how I chose fabrics for this particular fashion concept group
  • a brief textiles intro that describes some textile terms: jacquard, lurex, stretch, jersey, iridescent, pastel, chiffon, print, taffeta

Remember, I urge you again, ALWAYS SELECT YOUR FABRICS FIRST!!! The fabric is your raw material….there is no collection of clothes, in fact there are no clothes at all, without fabrics to make them in!
click on the fabric board thumbnails below to see them in detail and texture.

Laura Volpintesta Fashion Fabric boardLAURA VOLPINTESTA leopard leather fashion fabric group1 CROQUISLAURA VOLPINTESTA fashion concept fabric board

print on silk jersey in 4colorways 1Laura Volpintestafabrics and fashion croquis, Laura Volpintesta

Select and present your fashion fabrics up-front (at the beginning of any book-style presentation like a fashion portfolio) so that your audience knows exactly what you are working with when viewing your group.

Remember to consider fabric weights/qulities in your fabric selections: is there a weight appropriate for a pant? For a shirt? for outerwear? For layering under other garments? For suiting, for dresses?  Collect as many swatches of fabric as you can from as many sources as you can, so that you can access a range of textures and qualities.

Winter fashion design fabric concept board, Laura Volpintesta

Cost or quality considerations may be important for you. Is it a “cheap” or  “fine” fabric, is it a natural or synthetic? How is it cleaned or cared for, how durable or functional is it, and is it sustainably produced or recycled/recyclable?    All of these considerations speak about your brand.

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