With expert guidance and coaching from a 20 years fashion faculty at Parsons NYC and author, Laura Volpintesta


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Do you love fashion?

Do you realize that love could be a deep love of art that is yearning to express itself?

And that fashion can pull you into that love and untapped ability?

Do you love people, craft, culture,history, details, fabric,  and art?
But you don’t know how to draw? (yet)


You’ve tried books and youtube but don’t really feel like there’s enough focus…
Are you tired of this nagging dream that you could get this skill set and share your beautiful visions with the world…
or even with YOUR- SELF?
Do you want a guided path and community, but without commuting and committing to a full-time fashion program somewhere… because you just want to fit it into your lifestyle?
Are you overwhelmed by how many beautiful ideas you have and feel like you can’t even BEGIN to draw them?

It’s sooooooooooooo frustrating.

(I couldn’t draw for half of my life. )

So I know, i know, but……

I also know that you CAN begin to draw, paint, express, and get your ideas out of your head, and into the world!
Maybe it’s for sharing, maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted for YOURSELF.
Either way, it’s something you can have that you will have and keep for life, always evolving.

You do have to make some commitment though.

Not like a bitter medicine, more like a pact that you make with yourself because you love yourself so much.
You know that your creativity and visions mean something and carry power.
It’s a decision to dive in and develop your craft and art.
A decision to support this part of yourself and unlock the big door.
You’re going to learn model drawing, watercolors, painting on iPad and tablet too… collaging, inspiration boards, print designs, illustration, flat sketches, how to approach a sketching a collection, how to fill a sketchbook….
You’re going to learn a lot more than how to draw your ideas.


(in case you forget from time to time)
You are going to get much more than you bargained for…
And with weekly live calls and private discussion areas for sharing work and asking questions all week long, you’ll never be stranded or isolated in your progress.
You’ll have full-on support. This is what I love to do!
The course link breaks down what we’re doing in the whole  lifetime access “fashion semester”
You’re going to learn to overcome that big fear
And find your strength in that
You’re going to learn that behind that paralyzing fear
Is a sizzling energy
That’s going to start to leak through
And spill over
And grow until it squashes the fear
As you gain experience, try the exercises, practice the tools, and gain the experience.
In the projects and exercises, you’ll find – yourself!
Always evolving, every project will represent a new step in your journey and a new development in your style.
Fashion Schools don’t often address the individual and what they want to say.
They tend to feed an industry.
I’m Laura Volpintesta.
I’ve taught at a top fashion school for 20 years, authored two fashion books on Rockport Publishers, created a Craftsy class and Parsons School of Design’s first online fashion design and Illustration course.
I created FashionIllustrationTRIBE to serve more lovers of this art form in a way that loves them.
You can start today in the program, doors close June 10.
When you work with me, you get personal support and feedback to nudge you toward your very best. You get humor, heart, and the benefit of ALLLLL the experience I’ve had working with beginners through portfolio students, pus my own personal journey into the world of fashion art and design.
Fashion Tribalistas ( our Facebook group)have a unique edge as a community, especially as more students share from Freedom Fashion and what they are learning.
By the time you’ve completed this course, you will have a bulging sketchbook with paint, swatches, sketches, and illustrations. You’ll have technical drawings. You’ll have a stronger sense of personal style in your artwork and familiarity with a wide range of art supplies. You’lll have a rich fashion vocabulary – visually and verbally.
You’ll have new friends and evolved your approach to fashion and design.
I want it to be soulful.
I want you to study at the pace that is right for your lifestyle. You can dive -in headfirst or your can slowly wade through the lessons, because you have lifetime access.
You want it to be explorative.
You want to know what fashion students learn at top schools.
You want it to go deep into the skills so that you ‘ll have them for a lifetime.
I want my students to be proud of their work and amaze themselves.
I want them to have fun as they are making discoveries and growing in this art.
I want them to make connections in a shared community of adventurers.
And I know that we are all going to have our own approach.
Let’s set up a discovery call. If you’d like to learn whether Freedom Fashion online course is for you, email with the subject “discovery call” and i’ll set up a time with you asap.
  • the ABOUT FACES Digital iPad / Tablet illustration course,
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  • AND EVENINGWEAR course free ($297 value each)
  • plus PATTERNMAKING ($650 value) with OPTION 3.


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and ENJOY these gifts for fashion design creativity !
  • get "BUILDING the FASHION FIGURE" video model drawing lesson with Laura- for all body types

  • PDF EBOOK: "100 Fashion Design Inspiration Prompts" inspires,  includes Croquis sketching templates so you'll have figures to draw your ideas onto right away

  • START using the tools to CREATE!!!!  This is where YOU begin and the magic flows. 

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