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Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration by Laura Volpintesta, fashion illustratorTayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration

Here’s an example of some of my Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration.

(click to view the youtube tutorial) or scroll down the page. https://youtu.be/tCFJRoBD7A4


Everyone here knows I love paints and papers more than anything. I am convinced that every artists deserves the delicious sensory experience of getting messy in the studio.  That’s part of my message.

So, how did I get “into digital?”.  I wanted to create images that were as bright as the ones I was seeing on social media.

None of my photos of my art were as bright as what others were sharing.  And you all KNOW i love bright, and vibrant, personally. It makes me happy and energizes me.

I wanted to have a polished, eye-catching look on social media for my business.

Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration by Laura Volpintesta, fashion illustrator


Benefits of Digital Painting Apps for Fashion Illustration:

  • on your iPad or Tablet, (which of course is an expense) you access a COMPREHENSIVE KIT of papers, markers, crayons, pencils, brush pens, felt pens, chisel pens, watercolors, charcoal, acrylics, erasers, and more…..     for no additional fee, and it all fits in your purse :0)
  • portablilty
  • “history” tools: you can do and undo actions. You can even go back several steps or many steps to undo what you did if you don’t  like it– this encourages you to be adventurous and take risks. You’ll find yourself freed up to try colors or tools that you wouldn’t have the courage to commit to.  Try new things in a safe zone!
  • Tayasui Sketches app has a feature that video records your screen or your screen PLUS MICROPHONE if you want to. That means you can make videos to share with youtube or FB. You could time-lapse them into high speed videos too, or just post them as tutorials, or add music… You could even upload them to instagram.


  • NO MESS NO CLEANUP except the mess you make on your screen. No water spilling. You can paint while curled up at the sofa.
  • Tayasui Sketches is an app that has a great feature for filing your work : little digital sketchbooks that you can title and color code. I think it’s a very elegant interface.
  • Easy share ability and archiving of your work
  • Layers: if you want to trace something, you can put a photo or a template as a layer and then draw on a layer above it. You can also make the layer as opaque or sheer as you want
  • Every tool can be adjusted for different levels of opacity (sheerness ) or thickness/ thinness.  Each pencil, pen, marker and brush offers several tips too.
  • You work totally FREEHAND. It isn’t like Adobe Illustrator where you have to use a pen tool to work vectors or something! (best Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Designers class is www.theFashionProfessor.com, by the way)

Tayasui Sketches app Fashion Illustration is just one of the many great apps you can use.

I talk about it the most because it is the one digital painting app that opened the door for me to all of the others!

It was organic in feel, offered all of the textures and grit that I wanted, (it even offers different paper colors and textures to work from).   Tayasui Sketches offered all of the ability to make fashion illustrations that looked natural and handmade, not overly slick or smooth in a way that I find “cold” and hard.

Here is the first sketch I completed using Tayasui Sketches for Fashion Illustration.
Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration by Laura Volpintesta, Studio189 suit, fashion illustrator

And here’s the process I used to build the sketch, inspired by Naomi Campbell on the cover of Vogue Brasil last year:

Remember, I recorded that right through the app!

You can see here how much I love dance, anatomy, movement and model drawing.

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Here are my next steps:

Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration of Naomi Campbell on Brasil Vogue by Laura Volpintesta, fashion illustrator

I built up the texture of the macrame and beading ( i love handcrafted pieces).

Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration of Naomi Campbell on Vogue Brasil by Laura Volpintesta, fashion illustrator

I framed and signed the page. (always do that! Dates will help you see your progress, too…..)

Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration of Naomi Campbell on Vogue Brasil by Laura Volpintesta, fashion illustrator

I added a colored background, and called it a day. Zoom into her bodice to see the cool textures on it!

Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration of Naomi Campbell by Laura Volpintesta, fashion illustrator

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I hope you ‘ll enjoy Tayasui Sketches App Fashion Illustration yourself!

Comment below to share your questions or ah-ha!s and let me know how you like the app.