Thank you for joining the TRIBE!!

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Well, Helloooo, beautiful visionary!

I’m so glad to you’re  here!

As a thank-you, use this coupon within 24 hours to save $20on my FACES, HEADS, HAIR course for iPad and other digital devices.  Use the coupon code “JUSTSUBSCRIBED” (ALL ONE WORD) AT CHECKOUT.)

You are stepping into a treasure-box world of tools and lessons, self-discovery and experience that will take you deep into designing and creating in the world of fashion.

It all starts with YOU… your ideas, your influences, your inspirations and ideas.

Fashion is calling the artist in you to come to fuller expression.

What an adventure!

Where do I come in?

I guide and support you along a structured path, at your pace. I’ve been teaching and designing for 20 years and I know what you can do…..I’m an expert and an encouraging, positive creative.

My goal is to make your feel safe and supported enough to take risks and make  your own discoveries along a guided program.

Let me help you access your skills and bring out your voice!

Here is your PDF Ebook “100 Fashion Design Inspiration Prompts” !

1.Click the image below, then click “download” in top right corner to save your PDF.

The Ebook contains 100 Prompts PLUS 10 croquis templates that you can print and sketch your designs right onto!

I usually draw my own models (and you’ll learn to in the video on this page) but a croquis template can save you time sometimes.

2. Your beginner Model Drawing Video:

is designed to give you the tools to sketch for ANY BODY TYPE. Think of the building blocks as always being the same, but that you can adjust the size of them.

I don’t promote fashion illustration that distorts women’s bodies.

I think people are amazingly beautiful.

Also, as a designer, I believe illustrations should represent our amazing designs to scale, so that the drawing can translate into real clothes.

AND I feel strongly about celebrating the female form AS IT IS.

3.Curious? Here’s a bit more about me.

(that freebie FASHION DESIGN INSPO download is here).


to share your results and ask questions, get updates, and meet other fashion creatives.

I’m so happy to meet people like you who are excited to bring their passions to fruition!

My greatest joy is to know you are experiencing a life transformation through instruction, adventure, exploration, experimentation, encouragement and feedback.

NOONE can take away from you what you experience when you put that pencil to paper…. a whole world of discovery opens up.

I’m here….. so don’t be shy to reach out!

I know you’ll love learning with me in the emails or in my courses:

  • beginner model drawing to watercolors,
  • digital sketching,
  • flats, fabrics,
  • resources,
  • prints,
  • pattern making and draping basics,
  • sketchbook designing
  • and final illustrations,
  • presentation and
  • seasonal sketching of collections…..

and I know that I can help you create and express things that right now, you only dream of.

That’s what i’ve been doing for 20 years now as a professor of fashion, and I don’t plan on stopping ANY TIME SOON.



5.Check out blog articles and resources here!  

6.FREEDOM FASHION info below: and here. 

it’s a program for those who want to go to fashion school but know they can’t “stop their lives” ….and don’t want the loans, the commute, or the structure that processes them into an industry much removed from the art they LOVE. They want to put their creative craft and art to the fore above all, while learning what they need to know in a POSITIVE SPACE.

Here’s to all the LOVE and FASHION CREATIVITY in you!

Let’s go!









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