Top Recommended Books for Fashion Design

Here are my top 9 recommended books for fashion design!


Hello Tribe!!
Finally, answering “that” question: 9 Awesome Books for those who are learning Fashion and Design and Illustration!! Check out the video on youtube, then look below for the amazon links to each book if you want to buy any one now.
From Patternmaking essentials with great drawings and diagrams to inform your illustrations and knowledge of how garments work, to books about research, designers, and color theory, this half-hour talk is well worth your time to learn more about how these books can enhance your experience, and your knowledge. Above all, I’m here to inspire you and guide you to great resources!
Here’s the video: 9 Top Recommended Books for Fashion Design!

I’ve been teaching fashion design for 20 years at Parsons: from Patternmaking, Draping and Sewing/Construction studios for 5 years, to 15 years of Portfolio Development and Presentation, Model Drawing Beginner – Advanced, Fashion Illustration, and Concept Development.

I’m an illustrator, sketch artist, technical designer, and TEACHER/GUIDER/MENTOR who is also a performing artist/musician (jazz and Brazilian) and passionate homeschooling mom.

CREATIVITY and LOVE are the foundations of everything I do.

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the Language of Fashion Design: 26 Principles Every Fashion Designer Should Know:…

Other books in the video:
The Art of Zandra Rhodes:…

Color: How to Use It…

Draping: the Complete Course…

Fashion Design Course:…

Pattern Making for Fashion Design:…

Fashion Design Research:…

Fashion Designer’s Textile Directory:…

A Field Guide to Fabric Design:…

I hope you truly enjoy and get something from this video!
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I’ve lovingly created the Fashion Masterclass Series and Soulful Fashion Foundation Coaching Program to bring professional and creative skills to women in their homes, all over the world, over wi-fi, to learn on THEIR SCHEDULES at their own pace in their own strength and not be intimidated by a university structure …. non-competitive, encouraging, and focused on finding your own voice and strengths to do work that you LOVE to do.

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