YEAR OF FASHION 12 MONTHS Fashion Design Study Enrollment is open

It’s time to open up!-

and YEAR OF FASHION 12 month fashion studies program is opening too!
Sometimes, it’s just….. time.

Today I’m here to joyfully announce the opening of registration for YEAR OF FASHION 2020-2021 (at half price thru June 21 )
for a few bold souls who are ready to dive deep with me
because it’s YOUR TIME time for fashion and design 
(and so much more!)

What is Year of Fashion? –
it runs July1 2020 -July1, 2021,
12 months of fashion design studies.
BUT early birds who sign up before June 10 get early access to
MODEL MAGIC model drawing and art course as a pre-work bonus before doors open!

YEAR OF FASHION is an entire suite of fashion design and illustration courses,
You get to study from home via videos, lectures, resources and links I created based on over 20 years as a professor at Parsons School of Design.
You can pace and tailor your program with me to serve you best,

plus get monthly private video sessions one-on-one with me for each member (including one OPENING SESSION and one CLOSING SESSION)

over the course of the year, for a total of 14  60 minute coaching calls to orient and guide you through the programs
to meet YOUR needs, goals!
Through the process we’ll get clear on what you want and taking  steps towards it with support.

To me, creativity is a divine channel, originating in the heart.
There are so many ways to be creative. 
The way we approach ourselves and our lives every day is creativity.

Creating images, fashion illustrations and fashion design “just ” another form …

But don’t underestimate how powerful it is, and now it has repercussions all over your life inside and the world around you!

We who love fashion and costume know that there is NOTHING quite like fashion for expression.

Working with color, with texture, with experience, imagery ,fabric and humans as the subject,
we uncover so much deep knowledge about ourselves and experience of the world!

We also uncover our highest aspirations, and what limiting beliefs and myths make us feel “SEPARATE” from them.

And we work through those hurdles together.

I originally went into fashion design school

because I knew the images and art of fashion and fashion design
****could influence the way people saw themselves and each other, *****and I wanted to harness that in a positive way.

Fast-forward 25 years designing and teaching at Parsons School of Design, and I still feel like I never fully got to realize that power to the extent that my vision holds..

That vision means leading and encouraging and sharing everything I know with creative hearts and souls to create a collective yet diverse movement

where we create OUR images of ourselves and the world as we see it
where we tell our stories
and use our intuition to uncover more and more truth about ourselves
through our art, our creations, our businesses.

our voices.
My vision is that each member has a voice and a safe space to explore and discover their message, their abilities, and the WHY of their calling
the calling to create and to hone their vision and voice!

I originally created Soulful Fashion Foundation Immersion program
so I could distance myself from the toxic corporate culture of the university
and work more honestly and directly with the members of our community

No grading, no hard deadlines, unhealthy competion etc.

Just learning, growing, discovering, curiosity, skills, creation, inquiry, and healing.

Since 2013,  Soulful Fashion Foundation Immersion has evolved into an entire suite of programs!

the Core Freedom Fashion Program (15 weeks)

Patternmaking and Draping foundation

Ipad/ Tablet Digital Freehand illustration  course

Fashion Design Infusion Course

Fall/ Winter/ Outerwear/ Sweaters Portfolio Concepts Course

Eveningwear Course (gouache, markers, and digital techniques included)

Gouache Illustration Technique courseMODEL MAGIC transformational model drawing exercises course

I’ve somehow miraculously manifested clients into these programs who align with the visions of ethical fashion and design, diversity (of body, culture, size, age, color, etc.)
Members who value intuition, service to our communities and the world at large, while practicing and developing deep SELF LOVE, self discovery, AND SELF CARE in the process.

(the opposite of what I experienced as a fashion design student in NYC, HA!!)

It’s been so healing and gratifying to work with you in short and long programs.

I hope you’ll hit “reply” if you have any questions  or qualms about joining YEAR OF FASHION class of 2021, starting July 1, 2020! 

I’m happy to start getting to know you and seeing if the program is a fit for you.

If you can’t join but want to get started, there are TONS of resources I’ve created for you over the past 7 years and counting!

get free tutorials and resources here:

>>>>>>>>EARLY BIRDS (register HERE between now and June 10) who pay in full get IMMEDIATE access to MODEL MAGIC online course as a pre-work, 
so you can get started right away.

it’s an excellent foundation to loosen up and get deep, fluid and expressive in your drawing practice!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

This is a tremendous value, and the cart will close on this offer June 21 2020.

I hope to meet you and work with you  personally in YEAR OF FASHION as well as see you in our private course community where you can share questions and artwork and resources with each other and with me :0)


the goal is to transform from fear to flowing in your fashion design and personal vision. 
the goal is to create an atmosphere where you feel so encouraged and supported, that you amaze yourself with what you are capable of.
the goal is to learn technical, professional and creative techniques for a lifetime of enjoyment.
the goal to open, and to learn to trust that creative channel of fashion arts and realize that YOU are the source and the knowing that your design is led by.
I am here to SUPPORT and ENCOURAGE you in our one on one coaching sessions, all 14 of them,  in YEAR OF FASHION
Those coaching sessions alone are the cost of your total investment, yet you get ALL OF THE COURSES in addition to that coaching.